Man Volunteers To Drive Entire Bar Home In Memory Of Fatal Crash

It was the first anniversary of a drunk driving accident that ended in a fatality. In memory of the victim, founder of humanitarian group Because I Said I Would Alex Sheen volunteered to drive every intoxicated people home.

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The man responsible for the crash, Matthew Cordle, had Sheen help him film a video confession – leading to his imprisonment. Cordle confessed to Sheen that he wanted to “bring good into the world”  to make up for the life he took.

I am responsible for the filming and release of a confession video. - Imgur

To honor the victim, Vincent Canzani, Sheen found a way to keep Cordle’s promise. Sheen said:

“I wanted to spend last night doing what Matt would have done if he was a free man.” [source]

Sheen spent the night chauffeuring several people from the bar to their homes. His rides were free, although he mentioned that any passenger tips would be donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

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Along the way, Sheen took photos with his passengers.

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This good deed is part of Sheen’s Because I Said I Would campaign, which uses pledges on cards to promote acts of kindness. If you’d like to take part in Sheen’s campaign, you can order “Because I Said I Would” promise cards at

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