Trucker Pulls Over Speeding Cop To Educate Him About The Law (VIDEO)


This incident makes us glad that more people are choosing to record their encounters with police. This event was recorded by Brian Miner, who honked his horn at an officer that sped past his truck. At the time, Miner was driving under the speed limit due to a storm having just caused dangerous conditions on the road.

The Illinois state trooper pulled Miner over to inquire about his reason for honking, and Miner confronted the officer about using a cell phone while driving above the speed limit of 70 mph (state law does, however, allow on-duty officers to use a phone in the car).

What happened next was interesting.

At first, the officer denied Miner’s accusations that he was speeding and told Miner he would be getting a ticket for his unlawful use of the horn. It seems that Miner’s quest to educate the officer about road safety and the law were ill-advised, until a new variable came into play.

Miner informed the officer that his truck’s dash cam had captured the officer’s speeding car. Stunned, the officer excuses himself. When he returned to Miner’s truck, his tone changed entirely.

The officer admitted that he was wrong and that he had lost track of his speed. He even excused Miner from the ticket.

Miner said that this incident is exactly why he records police encounters. After seeing this, it seems the trucker has a valid point.