This Old Man Is Everything We Imagine Fox News Viewers To Be And So Much More (VIDEO)

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The peaceful town of Kalamazoo, Michigan got too much of a glimpse of an average Fox News watcher, when an elderly man, just hanging around in his pajamas, decided to exercise his “Second Amendment rights,” by arming himself with an assault rifle and talking about the “revolution.” When confronted by police, the man appeared to start masturbating.

Open carry is completely legal in Michigan, which means that when three people called 911 complaining about 63-year-old Joseph Houseman, police were only allowed to confront him on jay walking charges, despite the fact that he refused to put down his gun.

Brandishing a firearm, however, is illegal in Michigan (although it’s only a misdemeanor charge). Houseman switched his rifle between his two shoulders, but since it was over his shoulder during the time of the standoff, police decided not to charge him on any gun-related violations and Houseman had his gun back the very next day.

The whole encounter took about 40 minutes and thanks to police dashboard cameras, we have about 10 minutes of that. There is some graphic language at the end and there is that penis-grabbing, but surprisingly, despite the talk of revolution and Houseman’s insistence that the cops were there to shoot him, the exchange was relatively PG-13. The video also includes the audio of the 911 calls.

Here is the video:

Read about the exchange on MLive.

In case you’re wondering, his rifle was not loaded. We’ll let you make that determination about his other appendage.

As for the cops, they handled the situation very well, although one can only imagine what might have happened if Houseman wasn’t white.