GOP Congressman Says Dinosaurs Prove Climate Change Not Manmade (VIDEO)


US Congressman Jeff Miller from Florida’s 1st district is a piece of work. Jeff Miller can be excused for his lack of technical knowledge on the specifics of climate change. He was a real estate broker and sheriff and does not a scientific degree but a BA in journalism.

That he was the spokesperson for the Republican position on climate change today on MSNBC proves the degree of seriousness that the Republicans have towards the issue. It is not that he should not have been the spokesperson. It is that someone with such a lack of insight and requisite knowledge and research would present the position as near fact.

One had to be embarrassed for the answers he provided to host Richard Liu. He was provided a poll where Americans had more faith in scientists than Marc Rubio on climate change. He said that was to be expected expected. Jeff Miller however did not end it there. “But you’ve got to understand, it’s not settled science,” Jeff Miller said. The issue of climate change have been happening for a long time and for us to be able to think that we as a matter of fact can change what’s going on right now, to any substantive measure is really kind of foolish.”

Jeff Miller continued in his prose stating that climate has been changing for a long time. He said it has been doing that for centuries. He also said there are scientists on both side off the issue that said it is not settled. Maybe Jeff Miller should watch this discussion on climate change by Dr. Andrew Dessler, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at Texas A&M University

The most ridiculous part of the interview came near the end. Richard Liu asked Jeff Miller if climate change was manmade. “Then why did the dinosaurs go extinct,”Jeff Miller said. “Were there men that were causing, were there cars running around at that point that were causing global warming? No. The climate has changed since the earth was created.”

Guys like Jeff Miller are leaders within the Republican Party. Until Americans stop electing politicians that refuse fact base thinking like Jeff Miller, the country will remain difficult to govern.

Hear him for yourself below.