Alex Jones Says Las Vegas Killings Are False Flag Designed To Make Conservatives Look Bad

Alex Jones rants to Piers Morgan.

Alex Jones rants to Piers Morgan.

Alex Jones sees the hideous monsters crouching under the bed and terrifying creatures ready to leap from the dark closet. Now he has caught a big one. Get this: The Las Vegas shooting that killed two police officers and another person was just an act. Jones said that it was, “absolutely staged” by the federal government. Oh right. And when the cameras left, the players got back up and went about their business. Just like in the old TV westerns.

Jones, radio talk show host of the infamous Alex Jones Show and unrelenting doomsayer, plans to continue building paper towers about the shooting. On today’s show, he promises to link together unrelated “facts,”

…all its elements neatly tie up into a nice package for the media to demonize Tea Party supporters, Second Amendment proponents, and the alternative media in one fell swoop.

Jones’ basic idea is that anyone who is not a conservative joined together in a, “war for your mind.”

Alex also analyzes how the shooting weaves perfectly into the government’s rightwing extremist meme, which essentially equates conservatives with Al Qaeda, and looks at the various developments in the ongoing push for amnesty.

After a married couple’s, Jerad and Amanda Miller, ambush and killings in Las Vegas, they went to Walmart and killed themselves in a suicide pact. How appropriate. Witnesses alleged they heard the couple say,

 …this is the start of a revolution.

Witnesses said the couple draped the dead officers with Gadsden flags, a Tea Party symbol. Jerad Miller claimed that he was involved in the Cliven Bundy fiasco, “the standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and lawless Nevada rancher.”

Jones thinks, “the country is being purposefully imploded,” as we speak.

There is so much proof of this being staged yesterday, when I first read about it, and this morning, that my mind exploded with hundreds of data points, and quite frankly it’s conclusive.

He also believes the shootings were a part of the, “hundreds of predictions” Jones made, “since the Bundy ranch situation.” Of course no mention is made of the previous predictions which failed to come true.

So Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and President Obama’s administration were actually responsible for the Las Vegas incident. Really? Jones says that they manipulated the whole ambush and suicide and then blamed the Tea Party. Jones ended his rant by saying,

I kept telling, they’re getting ready to false flag, and it happens right in Harry Reid’s district, right in his state, right in his city, with his police department.

In a dramatic move, the talk show host says that the government is really at fault for natural disasters and staged a bundle of, “government operations.” He includes the shooting at the U.S. Capitol, the Boston Marathon bombing, the shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, the Bundy incident and now the Las Vegas ambush.

After the U.S. Capitol shooting Jones said,

…this is the season for a distraction, to change the subject away from Obama because everything he is doing is imploding right now. Very, very suspicious. And then we know they’ve staged other things in the past. They could be staging anything.

Jones tells his audience (which included the Vegas shooter as well as the Boston bomber) that the Bundy dispute was part of a, “land grab” involving the Chinese solar industry.

The guy is a creative mastermind. According to him, the U.S. has  a secret government, there was a mentally disabled sting operation, the Social Security Administration hires counterintelligence, and a  re-education war was let loose on the country.

And sadly his conspiracy theories weasel their way onto Fox News and the Drudge Report webpage.

Matt Drudge declared 2013 “the year of Alex Jones.

But what if the government isn’t the bad guy? Maybe Jones is the source of some of these tragedies, like the earthquakes? After all Jerad Miller was his fan, according to Jones’ Facebook page.

In a February 2013 posting, Miller told people to read Jones’ website, writing “ get informed or get stupid.”

Jones may have missed his calling: creative writing. But he probably wouldn’t be very successful. Even fiction must be believable.