Wendy Davis Brilliantly Welcomes Texas GOP To Her Hometown

It seems the Texas Republicans just keep making misstep after misstep in their march to the November polls. From referring to the well-populated (and highly Latino) Rio Grande Valley as a 3rd world country, to their continued assault on women’s healthcare across the state, to removing offensive language directed at the GLBT community from their platform just so they could add an even more dangerous and demeaning plank, it is apparent the big tent of the Texas Republican Party is being steadily shrunk by their actions and comments.

So when, this week, the Texas Republican Party descended on Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis’ hometown of Fort Worth, you can be sure some on the steering committee thought this would be a not-so-subtle poke in the eye of the rockstar state senator who was launched into the national spotlight after her epic filibuster in the Texas statehouse a year ago. But if Republicans thought Wendy Davis would forego extending just a little bit of southern hospitality, then they just don’t know Wendy.

In the 0:56 welcome message (available here), the announcer points out that hotel the delegates are staying in downtown, the coffee shop in the thriving Magnolia redevelopment just south of downtown and the restaurants and entertainment they enjoy on the new West 7th are all brought to them by Wendy Davis. Oh, and don’t forget, Downtown Fort Worth was ranked #1 in the Top 10 Best Downtowns of 2014.

If Wendy can do all that for Fort Worth, just imagine how the state of Texas will look after she’s been Governor a couple of terms.