Brad Paisley Hilariously Pranks Westboro Baptist Church In Kansas (VIDEO)


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One might think that the now infamous Westboro Baptist Church and country music would be a natural match. Country has long touted conservative, christian values. In between songs about girls, skin tight jeans, playing loud radio music, getting drunk on the “good stuff” and driving too fast in trucks. Merle Haggard and his comrades in armsĀ used to belt out lines letting the world know just how they felt about all those vile hippies, degenerates and people from New York City and San Francisco. Today, artists like Carrie Underwood make sure there are always “good Christian undertones” or even overtones in her songs, beginning with her 1st single, “Jesus Take the Wheel”.

But Brad Paisley has never been “just another Country entertainer. Not only is he one of Nashville’s prized talents, and deservedly so, Brad has always had a more “moderate” side to his lyric writing versus some others. In one song, “Welcome To The Future,” Paisley sings about the ignorance and hate of racism. In other songs, Brad is just a step ahead of his fellow countrymen, like in his exploration of the inter-webs in “Online.”

He played at the White House for President Barack Obama, and most recently, accompanied him on his Memorial Day visit to Afghanistan where he treated America’s troops there to a holiday concert.

Maybe that’s what prompted the Westboro Baptist Church to protest outside of Brad’s concert in Kansas the other day? Or perhaps it was his hit song “Alcohol,” which of course the WBC reminds us that “God hates that.”

In any case, Brad decided not to take the protest lying down. Paisley, who is known as a prankster on the road decided to go out and mingle with the Church protesters. Not only that, Paisley took a nice selfie in front of the modest demonstration and put out the following tweet:

“Westboro Baptist Selfie!! Or west-Burro(ass) selfie. Hopefully they can hear the show out here. We’ll play loud.”

brad paisley

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Also, check out the video of Brad going out to have some fun before his concert: