Wisconsin Girl Stabbed 19 Times By Her Middle School Friends (VIDEO)

Slenderman. (Photo courtesy of deviantart.net)

Slenderman. (Photo courtesy of deviantart.net)

Two Waukesha Wisconsin middle school girls, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier were arrested for stabbing their 12 year old friend 19 times. They said they did it to impress “Slenderman.” According to CNN.com:

Slenderman is a fictional character and Internet meme that often appears in horror stories, videos and images. One of the suspects told police that Slenderman is the site’s supposed leader, and to climb into his realm, a user must kill someone.

On Tuesday morning, a lengthy statement was posted on www.creepypasta.com.

The statement expressed condolences for everyone involved and stressed that the site does not condone or encourage violence in any way. But it also noted that “it’s hard to justify pinning blame on an entire genre of writing.”

Creepypasta is a play on the term “copypasta,” which is derived from the keyboard action “copy-paste.” Creepypasta is horror fiction written with the Web in mind and, often, comes in a style that makes it look like a news or true crime story.

The two girls were being charged as adults when they appeared in court on Monday. Their bail was set to $500,000 each.

The two suspects attended the same middle school as the victim. According to the criminal complaint the girls had considered several methods of killing the victim. They were first going to duct tape the victim and then stab her in the neck. They then considered killing her in a bathroom with a floor drain. They finally decided to stab her in the park while playing hide and seek.

The victim had a wound one millimeter from her heart that would have killed her. She crawled out of the park and unto a sidewalk where she was found by a bicyclist. The victim is in the hospital in stable condition.

Why would these young girls be willing to kill based on some fictional character? Why are they able to attempt to kill another human being at all? A society that displays little care or empathy for most may have something to do with it. Sad!

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