Host Of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek, Is Smart Enough To Believe Man Made Climate Change Is Real

alex trebek

(Photo courtesy of Flickr.)

First, there was Hamilton and Burr. Then we had the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. And who could forget about Biggie and Tupac? Well, look out America. Your next notorious blood feud has just popped off and, oh SNAP! did spit just get real in Studio City. Get ready for Sajak and Trebek.

Apparently Alex Trebek had major beef with being lumped in with Pat Sajak who, if you read Addicting Info often you no doubt saw the excellent piece written by our own Michael Hayne last week that detailed Sajak’s unnecessary and unwarranted wading into the climate change issue with his inflammatory tweet that explained:

I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.

Yeah, Pat? I’d like to solve the puzzle: You’re a professional hairdo and not a climate scientist.

But how, you might ask, did the venerated Alex Trebek get lumped in with that Sajak simpleton and why did he feel the need to fire off a missive clarifying which climate change camp he has planted his flag in? It all goes to an article written for Salon by Daniel D’Addario when the Sajak silliness was still fresh. D’Addario wrote about the vein of conservatism that is apparently rampant among the vapid game show set. In that piece, he explained how Sajak and his beliefs were far from being an outlier in that community. Drew Carey, since taking over The Price Is Right, has become a notorious Libertarian. Chuck Woolery has penned articles for the ultra-conservative Washington Times. The now-retired Bob Barker voiced a robocall for David Jolly in his special election in Florida last year. But D’Addario apparently stuck his foot in it when he tried to pigeonhole the host of Jeopardy!.

After writing that Trebek has been friendly to the Tea Party, he included this quote from the host of the most intelligent game show on television:

Somebody was saying on television a few days ago that the Tea Party is a reflection of the people. There are a lot of people out there who are not happy with the way things are going, and they’ve banded together.

D’Addario did point out that it was not necessarily a statement of tacit approval for the conservative movement, but he then questioned Trebek’s avowed apolitical position by stating he had reportedly hosted a 2010 Republican fundraiser [emphasis added].

Well, just one week later and D’Addario and his editorial staff over at Salon are in receipt of a clarifying e-mail penned by Trebek himself where he takes the author and his fact checkers to task:

I consider myself a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I believe that climate change exists, and is contributed to by human activity. I have seen firsthand the effects of climate change, in trips to Antarctica and Mt. Kilimanjaro, both of which are showing huge changes due to global warming. I’m in favor of equal pay for women, and the Lilly Ledbetter act. I believe in equal rights for the LGBT community; in fact, this winter, I braved the Minnesota winter weather to attend a gay wedding (which was officiated over by my wife).

It appears Trebek really didn’t appreciate being lumped in with the right-wing nutjob game show hosts and wanted to set the record straight that he is, as he has previously stated, an apolitical observer.

I would point out that anyone who has ever asked me, or investigated would know that I am registered ‘Independent,’ and I have voted for both Democratic and Republican candidates in the past and will continue to do so.

And what about D’Addario writing that the apolitical Trebek had actually hosted a Republican fundraiser in 2010? Trebek’s email stated very clearly:

That fact was inaccurate when it was reported in 2010 and remains inaccurate to this day.

I’ll take “Trebek’s response to Salon” for $200, Alex — What is “Classy”?