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Elementary School Forces Students To ‘Pay’ To Use Bathroom, Students Wet Themselves Instead


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This past May 15 was a yellow-letter day at Mill Plain Elementary school in Washington state when not one, but two young ladies in the 3rd grade chose to forgo a trip to the restroom rather than provide payment to their teacher. Unfortunately, it was later revealed that both of those students later wet themselves in class. Despite this opportunistic teacher’s attempt to extort money from her students for things like candy and bathroom breaks, the Evergreen Public School District has decided no disciplinary action is required.

Of course, there is more to the story than meets the eye. The money the 3rd graders possessed was not exactly legal tender. As part of a rewards program established in the grade, students would be given “money” for achieving tasks and as recognition for good things done. After having earned their reward money students could trade for candy and other things.

In response to a marked increase in classroom disruptions, the teachers introduced a bathroom break fee. As the teacher explained, this method was meant to be least confusing because the money exchange system was already in place. Introducing a separate bathroom pass system would have required the elementary students to navigate two systems. The district and school also stated that, in cases of emergencies, students are not denied immediate use of the restroom.

The results of the first investigation, released Thursday afternoon, were lauded by Evergreen Education Association President Gloria M. Smith. Smith explained the exoneration meant her teacher would neither be placed on leave nor receive disciplinary measures. The teacher was only out of class on Monday of this past week, according to Evergreen Public Schools spokeswoman Gail Spolar.

A second investigation is also currently underway regarding the second 3rd grader involved. Her mother, Jasmine Al-Ayadhi, is upset that she was never called by the school when this occurred.

They gave her an option of black spandex pants that were size 7 or boy’s blue shorts. My daughter is a size 10. She was being teased. The boys were making fun of her because of the shorts.

However the investigation turns out, Al-Ayadhi stated she would not be returning her daughter to Mill Plain Elementary School and would instead opt to home-school her.

How can you return a child to a school where she’s being humiliated and degraded?