County Judge Physically And Verbally Assaults Mentally Challenged Black Man (VIDEO)


(Photo courtesy of WikiMedia.)

It seems, since the election of President Barack Obama in November of 2008, one of the dominant political parties in this nation has been only too willing to declare that we have entered a post-racial America. The Supreme Court, in striking down the key provision in the 1965 Voting Rights Act that required many of the most prejudicial offenders to seek approval for their voting laws, procedures and polling locations, appears also to have given carte blanche to elected officials in those states to now wear their blatant racist behaviors right on their sleeves.

Earlier this month, in Canton, Mississippi, an elected County Justice Court Judge by the name of Bill Weisenberger took it upon himself to physically assault and verbally abuse 20-year-old Eric Rivers. Weisenberger’s despicable behavior is compounded by the fact that Rivers also happens to be mentally challenged.

The attack occurred at a semi-annual Canton Flea Market. Towards the end of the business day, Rivers was reportedly approaching different vendors asking if they needed assistance packing up their wares. Judge Weisenberger, a former law enforcement officer who was apparently moonlighting as security for the event, approached Rivers, hitting him twice in the head, knocking him to the ground and then standing behind him, hand on his gun holster, yelling:

“Run, nigger! Run!”

Among the witnesses to this attack were Cathy Hendrix and Tammy Westbrook, two sisters who had traveled to Canton from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They claimed they were appalled by the brazen way Weisenberger attacked Rivers and then sided up to an officer while bragging about what he had just done.

As if this wouldn’t have satisfied Weisenberger’s nomination for “A**hole of the Year,” still other witnesses claimed he got into an argument with a female vendor. When it was clear he was out of his depth he demanded to speak with the woman’s husband. Apparently Weisenberger’s both a bigot and a misogynist, because he was overheard saying he didn’t like taking orders from women.

When questioned by the press, Hendrix stated the elected Judge should be barred from working with the public.

“If he is going to slap a mentally challenged child and be rude to vendors that are paying good money to be there. I do not care if this young man was being a nuisance. I do not care if he were breaking the law. I do not care if he were loitering. But I do care that a man of authority, one that is sworn to protect and serve, was slapping a young man.”

Former mayor for the city of Canton and current president of the Canton branch of the NAACP William Truly announced they would stand with the Rivers family who has already filed a complaint against Weisenberger with the Canton Police Department. Truly stated:

“This is 2014, not 1960. This racial abuse will not be tolerated.”

The NAACP will file their own complaints with the state attorney general’s office, the Judicial Vulnerable Adult Unit and the Justice Department.

Truly continued:

“No citizen should have to face justice before a judge who holds such a high degree of racial animus and hatred.”

The executive director of the Judicial Commission, Darlene Ballard, has stated that if the received complaints are found to be accurate, Weisenberger would be in clear violation of the Judicial Code of Conduct.