Crazy Right Winger Has New Method Meant To Eradicate Homosexuality

Anti-gay bible thumping- my religious freedom.

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If the gay community were to write a book about the Fatal Attraction-esque obsession the fringe ultra-right wingers hold for them, I’m assuming it would be titled We’re Just Not That Into You. But that doesn’t stop the nut jobs on that side of the ideological spectrum from thinking about the gays night and day, all week, month and year long. One would think the gay community should be flattered if it weren’t for the fact that all that thought is rooted in a seething and palpable fear and hatred for who they are at the core of their humanity.

Most of the energy of the anti-gay extremists has been expelled by shouting into the wind about traditional family values, the liberal media’s acceptance and embrace of the homosexual lifestyle and that ever elusive copy of “The Gay Agenda” that is known by all seeking to advance it.

Well, Philip Irvin over at the ever-so-credible ‘World Net Daily’ has divined a new tactic to combat the insidiousness of homosexuality. Irvin, in addition to being a contributor to a site that still isn’t certain about where our President was born, is also the owner/operator of, a site that looks like it hasn’t received a facelift since 1997. Irvin, as his site’s name might have let on, disputes the biological nature of homosexuality and instead believes it is a choice that becomes habit, then compulsion and then, ultimately, addiction.

In his article, he implores parents to talk to their kids about “the absurdity of the ‘born gay’ idea.” Only after little Timmy understands the fallacy of that argument can he then talk to his friend Robert, who might be susceptible to choosing gayness, thus steering him away from a life of sin, misery, loneliness and failure. Irvin believes victory will come at the hands of the children. Much like the Faberge Organics shampoo commercial of the early ’80’s, Timmy and Robert will tell two friends. And then those two friends will tell two friends, and so on, and so on, until the ‘born gay’ idea collapses and the gay agenda is crippled forever.

Here’s how Irvin recommends good Christian families proceed:

It might appear that the best way to deploy the tool of logical reasoning would be to share this information with pro-family activists or with friends. But what would we expect them to do? Use it to argue with gay activists? Nobody enjoys arguing with gay activists or appreciates being given tools with the implied injunction to enter the fray.

Rather, the targeted audience for this material is someone who would use it to protect rather than confront. These would be parents, uncles, grandparents, or anyone involved with youth, particularly parents whose kids will be exposed to the increasingly powerful and seductive voices of homosexuality. These adults can use this material to show their children the absurdity of the “born gay” idea.

When Dad shares this information with his son Johnny who may not be at risk of believing he is gay, Johnny is going to share this with his friend Sam who is at risk, and together they will talk to Bill. Eventually, this is going to find its way to the school principal who is forced to confirm that disseminating this material does not constitute bullying. This will lead to the discussions at the Gay Students Club, whose members are powerless to refute these arguments. Eventually, support for the gay agenda is crippled with the collapse of the “born gay” fallacy.

After years and years of failed attempts at battling the gay agenda, Irvin really feels he’s on to something. And perhaps he is. Maybe this is the tactic that has long been missing from the fringe ultra-right wing’s arsenal. But Irvin and his devotees better work fast. Those gays are gaining major ground, especially in light of the 17th and 18th states (Oregon and Pennsylvania) embracing marriage equality this week.