Former NFL Player Makes Fox Host Look Stupid In Discussion Regarding Marijuana Policy (VIDEO)

Former NFL Player Makes Fox Host Look Stupid In Discussion Regarding Marijuana Policy

The Fox News talking head meets the NFL linebacker and the topic is marijuana – it has to be seen to believed.

Our collective view of marijuana has taken a decided and welcome turn over the past few years towards something resembling common sense. Two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized possession of the Devil’s Weed, and are now taxing and regulating it. Not only does this bring in much-needed revenue for state and local governments, it also keeps those whose only “crime” is marijuana-related out of prison, saving taxpayers even more money.  I know; the problem with this would be…?

Americans are realizing that marijuana is essentially harmless, and certainly far less harmful than alcohol.  Our previous “Reefer Madness” mentality is giving way to the realization that it’s time to rethink how we view marijuana. Smoking it doesn’t turn users into monsters or sex-crazed lustbots, nor does it lead to any of the other dire consequences the long-running propaganda insists would accrue to those who partake of the Evil Weed. If alcohol is legal and taxed, then why shouldn’t marijuana be treated the same way? When you consider that alcohol can have far more deleterious effects than marijuana, common sense seems the far more rational alternative.

Not surprisingly, this growing enlightenment has yet to arrive in the hermetically-sealed, reality-free bubble that is Fox News Channel. Elisabeth Hasselbeck, husband of a former NFL quarterback, is still firmly mired in the belief that marijuana is Of. The. Devil…and that anyone using it had best be prepared to face some truly horrific consequences. Not only that, the severity of the NFL’s marijuana policy has a direct correlation to how much weed is smoked by high school students.

An interview on Fox News took an unexpected turn on Monday, and shocked the host when a guest explained that reasonable pot rules in the NFL would not make teens use more drugs. reported last week that the NFL’s new renegotiated drug policy was expected to have a higher threshold for marijuana in the bloodstream, bringing it in-line with the World Anti-Doping Agency. The policy would also reduce punishments for player violations.

The more you know….

The fun begins when Hasselbeck, who was trying to lead her guest, former New England Patriots linebacker Shawn Stuckey, to establish for her audience that marijuana is clearly not the benign drug Liberals would have us believe. Instead of hearing Stuckey’s argument that marijuana policy should be erring on the side of common sense, Hasselbeck quickly intervened to cut the interview short when she determined it wasn’t heading where she wanted it to.

And that’s when things went off script.

“However, I was also a high school teacher, where I taught young teenagers,” Stuckey noted. “And I am intimately aware of what teenagers are influenced and not influenced by.”

“The NFL changing its policy towards marijuana would not influence these teenagers,” he said. “If the NFL were to immediate ban the use of all alcohol amongst all football players, you would not find a widespread cessation of alcohol use among teenagers.”

Here’s the video:

Stuckey is not a long-haired Spicoli spreading peace, love, and weed. His family has a history when it comes to drug abuse, and he understands the adverse impacts drugs and alcohol can have. He also knows that bring the NFL’s marijuana policy in line with the World Anti-Doping Agency will not cause teenagers to smoke more marijuana. That he wasn’t going to make Hasselbeck’s argument for her speaks to his experience and integrity. Perhaps next time she should interview Pat Boone or Franklin Graham.