Florida Lawmaker: The Real Purpose of the Common Core? To Turn Your Children Gay (VIDEO)

Charles Van Zant

When the now-contentious Common Core State Standards were being drafted, it was a task that was undertaken by state school superintendents from around the nation in conjunction with the National Governor’s Association. With imminent implementation in 44 states, the Common Core State Standards are widely supported by both sides of the political aisle along with educators and business leaders. So, why is the far right-wing hell bent on turning people against this educational endeavor? And how are they going about doing that?

Earlier this month, the Southern Poverty Law Center released a report entitled “Public Schools in the Crosshairs: Far-Right Propaganda and the Common Core State Standards”. In it, they detail how the consensus built around the Common Core State Standards is “virtually unheard of in contemporary politics. That widespread acceptance hasn’t stopped right-wing extremists (having dubbed the new standards as “Obamacore”) from wanting to dismantle the new program. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the goal of these extremists is to ultimately dismantle the entire public education system as we know it.

The purpose behind the implementation of Common Core is to establish standards for all public school students in the topics of literacy and math. Each student in each grade will be measured by these standards going forward.

In the early days of the Affordable Care Act, outright lies were told about death panels and doctors, who spent nearly a decade achieving their medical degrees, fleeing from the healthcare industry. When those didn’t happen, new lies were formulated despite the verifiable facts of Obamacare’s successes. The Common Core is getting the same treatment.

Parents whose students are about to be measured by Obamacore are being subjected to any number of scare tactics. None, however, are nearly as ridiculous as statements made by Florida State Representative Charles Van Zant at this year’s Operation Education Conference. According to Van Zant, the entire program is geared around one simple precept: turning American schoolchildren gay!

“These people, that will now receive $220 million from the state of Florida unless this is stopped, will promote double-mindedness in state education and attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can. I’m sorry to report that to you. I really hate to bring you that news but you need to know.”

It is ridiculous claims like this that caused the Southern Poverty Law Center to state that the propaganda coming out of the right-wing is intended to create an alternate universe that is rooted in deception and lies. One example they cite is that “Obamacore has government indoctrination camps to turn children into green serfs who will serve the New World Order.”

There is unfortunate evidence that this right-wing ‘through the looking glass’ world is beginning to have real-life political effects. In March of this year, the state of Indiana became the first state to pull out of the Common Core State Standards program. Other legislation has been proposed in several other states aimed at slowing or stopping implementation altogether.

For a full understanding of how the delusional right-wing extremists are operating, I urge you to read the report published by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It will help you to sift through all of the falsehoods, deceptions and outright lies being told by the other side in what should be a totally non-contentious issue.