New Book Reveals Koch Brothers’ Abusive Father And More


Daniel Schulman’s biographical expose on the Koch Brothers is a taut narrative based upon several hundred interviews conducted with the Koch family and friends.

We know they are the Dr. Frankenstein to the monster that is the Tea Party. We know they spent an estimated $400 million in the 2012 election cycle. And we know their company has been cited repeatedly for willfully violating business and environmental regulations. But what do we really know about the family behind Koch Industries?

It turns out that this Tuesday, May 20, we will learn quite a bit more about the elusive and secretive family from the great state of Kansas. In Daniel Schulman’s biographical expose, Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America’s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty, he constructs a taut narrative based upon several hundred interviews conducted with the Koch family and friends.

One interesting tidbit begins with the patriarch of the Koch family, Fred Koch, who not so secretly admired the fascist regimes that were popping up around 1930’s Europe. He saw their stick-to-it-iveness as the key to enacting a true social Darwinism. He also foretold of a coming race war between blacks and whites of the United States brought about by the Red Menace.

The book will detail how he used to goad his sons into fighting one another. And we aren’t talking good-natured sibling rivalry fights. We are talking about all out assaults that a few of those boys still carry the scars from today. The type of assaults that today would have you spending at least a night in jail.

Charles and David Koch, two of the biggest Koch’s you ever heard of, are not the only children in the family. The eldest, named for father Fred, is Frederick Koch. As a homosexual who was castigated from the family early on, he chooses to live his life in Dietrich-esque privacy, jaunting from this house to that around the world and taking only some time out to visit his larger historic homes which serve primarily as private art museums for himself.

Another interesting family dynamic arises with Bill Koch. Bill is the twin sibling of David. Let’s just say they don’t get along all that well. When Bill once tried to assume control of Koch Industries from the brothers Grimm, David and Charles launched an all out legal assault on Bill that included political styled opposition research into his private life to help them maintain the helm of the company.

From what I understand, there are several other tasty morsels in the book being released this week. Finally, we will get a better understanding of how this family arrived at their societally detrimental strict libertarian views and what drives them to feel they should have the loudest voice in the voting booth come election day.