Bill Maher Agrees – The GOP Should “Impeach Obama Tomorrow!” (VIDEO)

Bill maher

The “Benghazi” faux scandal keeps coming around with rumors, innuendos and falsehoods that last as long as it takes for fact checkers, like the ones here at Addicting Info or a host of other good sites to debunk, expose and reveal the truth regardless of opinion. And like Bill explains below, many of us are just tired of the “threat of impeachment” being waved around every time they run out of any ideas. Republicans can’t come up with anything close to an actual “crime” when it comes to the tragic events in Libya, but they know they are butt-hurt, and it’s all Obama’s fault.

Bill says what has been on many of our minds, namely, “put up or shut up.” Bill also laments over the sheer lunacy that has engulfed “Today’s GOP.”

Maher calls out these Republicans and Tea-People and essentially “triple dog dares” them to actually make good on these overtired threats. He calls them out so they can essentially “put Obama on the ballot a third time.” This would give The President the opportunity to whoop them again by proxy in the 2014 Midterm elections.

Bill nails it.

“If you really believe Benghazi is that serious and Obama is that big of a crook, then you should impeach him tomorrow! And I wish to God you would.” But Bill knows that will never happen. Because Republicans have shown their game plan. Deal in the threat and rumor game. Deal in propaganda, but don’t deal in facts. And unfortunately for republicans, propaganda isn’t nearly as effective, or even allowed in a court of law. But it’s A.O.K. in today’s conservative media circles

Bill also takes some good jabs at Clay Aiken, Chris Christie and Michael Sam in his “New Rules” segment. You can see the full clip here: