News Host Gets Upset Over Michael Sam’s Kiss And Storms Off Set (VIDEO)

News Host Upset Over Michael Sam's Kiss - Storms Off Set

It’s long been an article of faith among Conservatives that if they object to something it should go away. Sure, they’ll camouflage their expectations with talk of “decency” and “free speech,” but the truth is that they expect that at the end of the day their sensibilities will, nay, must be respected. Like a bully who assumes they’ll get their way because they always have, they become incensed when realize their objections aren’t cause for immediate action. Once upon a time, Conservatives had a similar reaction to a Black man kissing a White woman. Today it’s one man kissing another in celebration…in violation of all that’s good and holy, and the bullies aren’t going to prevail.

Ask what’s wrong with the sight of two men kissing one another, and you’ll get a variation of the “It’s icky” theme. The truth is that a public display of honest and genuine same-sex affection is wrong, nasty, or “icky” because you’ve chosen to see it that way. If you have children, the odds are that you’ll teach them that two men showing affection is wrong. And they’ll grow up thinking it’s wrong…because that’s what they’ve been taught. Someone will need to break that cycle, accept that there’s nothing “icky” about two people showing affection toward one another is a perfectly normal human interaction.

It’s time the cycle was broken. It’s time that people understand that their standards are no longer being used to judge public behavior. If they do not “want to see cake in your face, kissing each other,” they have two choices: turn off the television altogether, or limit their viewing to the Christian Broadcast Network and Fox News Channel. The world is changing, barriers are falling, and if they object to Michael Sam kissing another man, they are only going to become increasingly unhappy.

Let’s take Amy Kushnir, from KTXD’s “The Broadcast.” After the emotional response to his draft pick by the Rams, Ms. Kushnir got visibly upset and stormed off the set in a huff. Her co-host, Suzie Humphreys response to Ms. Kushnir’s highly inappropriate and unprofessional behavior, however, only added insult to injury.

I’m shaking my head because people don’t have a right to express how they feel if it offends somebody else. I live in America! I still feel like I have the right to freedom of speech, and I don’t have to be penalized for my opinions.

Humphreys is correct; she does have freedom of speech…but that isn’t primary. It doesn’t supersede the freedom of speech exercised by an increasing majority. Her prejudice and ignorance are in the minority, and history is quickly passing her by. She doesn’t have to like the idea of two men kissing, but she needs to recognize that her morality will no longer prevail. There are many who will threaten to unleash the wrath of the godly “majority,” but the truth is that these threats are increasingly empty and meaningless, the impotent bleating of those who recognize that moral outrage and self-righteousness are all they have left.

Most of America sees Michael Sam’s kiss for what it is- a spontaneous and genuine expression of joy and affection between two human beings. That both are male is no longer cause for concern among a growing majority of Americans…and the bullies aren’t going to win.