This Video Of ‘Wasted’ Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Priceless! (VIDEO)

Neil deGrasse tyson drunk

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, at normal speed, and in what we assume is a sober state of mind, has educated millions in the ways of science through his classes, lectures, news & talk show appearances and now on the popular Fox / National Geographic series, Cosmos. Tyson has a way of communicating science’s lessons, from the origin of the universe and natural selection to the concepts of astronomy and physics in an easy, accessible way.  Particularly on Cosmos, with the assistance of modern technology and special effects, he makes the most complex concepts understandable. He has a way of making what can be very dry, stuffy subjects, interesting and compelling.

But recently someone took one of Tyson’s clips and slowed it down slightly. And the results are HILARIOUS!!!

Tyson goes from charismatic and itellectual educator to that guy who had a few too many at the bar and just can’t shut up. Or your buddy who got high for the 1st time and started contemplating the universe. Of course, your frame of reference may vary, but most of us,  have been in an unfortunate dialogue with “that guy.”

See the clip here, and be prepared to laugh:


And how does the esteemed science ambassador feel about this parody? Well, considering he likes to show it at his lectures, I think it’s safe to say he’s probably cool with it.