Donald Sterling Tries To Prove He’s Not Racist And Instead Proves He’s Very Racist (VIDEO)

Someone once said, no publicity is bad publicity. The interpretation of which, can vary a little. Some contend it means that any form of publicity is good publicity. Others say its intention is to suggest that the worst thing for one’s public image is for no publicity at all. In either context or definition, Donald Sterling has now proven this old adage to be false.

Commissioner Silver was once again forced to issue Basketball legend and “King of Los Angeles” Magic Johnson a formal apology because of remarks made by now infamous Los Angeles Clipper owner, Donald Sterling.

Sterling, in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, melted down, according to reports following an interview that was supposed to begin to attempt to rehabilitate the troubled owner’s reputation which is now one of a racist, hateful scumbag. Instead, Sterling went on rants where he accused everyone from the typical media boogeyman to Magic Johnson of being the “real racists.”

Funny how whenever some over entitled billionaire gets caught showing their true colors, it’s always the other guys who are really the bad guys. You can see the full interview below:


Specifically, on Johnson, Sterling questioned Magic’s commitment “to his own people” implying that he, Sterling, the slumlord, is the one who really had the backs of L.A.’s inner city poor. Like when Sterling was repeatedly cited, fined and sued for his deplorable, penny pinching, profit uber-alles management decisions which hurt those very same people Sterling is now claiming a kinship with. All from his multi-million dollar estate and billion dollar slush fund created with their earnings.

Meanwhile, if one wants to know about Johnson’s contributions to charities and causes need not look very far. Johnson has been out in front of many causes from HIV/AIDS, education, helping disadvantaged youth, and so many more.

Sterling even lashed out at his rehabilitation host/interviewer/thrower of softballs Anderson Cooper, accusing him of being “the real racist” while pontificating on his own purity. Anderson Cooper, the guy who was on the ground fighting for the people of New Orleans after Katrina before anyone, and after everyone else had left … is the real racist. Ok, next …

Sterling’s estranged wife speculated that Sterling, now 81 years old, is suffering from dementia in an interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie this morning. Others suggest that this is not dementia, just the public seeing what those close to Sterling have seen and heard for years. And at some point, people are going to need better answers from Commissioner Silver than his “I just got here” mantra. While he is new on the job, before becoming commissioner, he served for two decades as former Commissioner David Stern’s counsel.

Donald Sterling has done nothing to convince anyone that he is not a racist. His interview with CNN proved that his comments to his “sugar baby” or whatever were hardly an anomaly.

The NBA owners cannot act fast enough. Donald Sterling needs to be removed from the game of basketball as soon as humanly possible.