Even Republican Women Can’t Recruit Other Women To Join The GOP

Republicans are too clueless to figure out why they have such huge issues with women, when it should be obvious. Even GOP women are clueless.

Republicans are too clueless to figure out why they have such huge issues with women, when it should be obvious. Even GOP women are clueless.

Republicans are increasingly having issues with the ability to get the support of women. They are far too clueless to figure out why.

A Republican congresswoman tasked with recruiting women candidates to run for the House couldn’t identify a reason for why her party has recruited fewer women in 2014 than 2012.

When Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.) was asked Monday by The St. Louis Post-Dispatch why Republicans have lagged in recruiting women, she answered, “I don’t know.”

“All I know is that I can just move forward from here,” Wagner added, according to the paper.

Wagner is co-chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Project GROW, which is “designed to promote the role of women” within the party by providing mentorship, campaign advice and strategy and polling support.

Today on “Great Moments in Lack of Self-Awareness….”

One might think that, on some level- perhaps buried deep within their souls underneath the old propaganda and talking points- Republicans would be honest enough with themselves to admit they have a problem with women. That problem isn’t a matter of simple disagreement or a difference of opinions. No, we’re talking about an entire political party populated by conservative white men who believe that women are the weaker sex and entirely too emotional to do the heavy lifting of governing. Shouldn’t they be concerning themselves with home and hearth? Isn’t it the role of the female of the species to ensure that when their man returns home from a hard day at the office, his pipe, slippers, and faithful lap dog are waiting for him? Aren’t women supposed to obey their husbands?

And they wonder why women are increasingly hostile to the GOP?

The generalized Republican tendency towards sexism and misogyny would be laughable enough if it was limited to men. Surprisingly, some of the biggest offenders are Republican women, who seem disturbingly enthusiastic about participating in their own subjugation. When the Congresswoman charged with recruiting Republican women as candidates doesn’t know why her party struggles to find women willing to carry the banner of a party which regards them as the property of men, what you have is an epic lack of collective self-awareness.

“There are 234 members in our [Republican] conference, and guess what? There are 19 women,” Wagner told the paper. “That is terrible. Women make up 54 percent of the electorate. We are on the front lines, know what it is like to make the spending decisions. … Women are on the front lines of health care.”

Those numbers, while certainly true, are meaningless if your party refuse to acknowledge women as equals. When you repeatedly pass laws that curtail reproductive rights and limit healthcare choices for women, you can’t claim to be surprised when the distaff 54% of the population doesn’t leap onto your bandwagon with unbounded enthusiasm. Republicans are good at trotting out women as figureheads when they feel the need to demonstrate their diversity and open-mindedness…but not so good at giving those women an equal shot at power. Perhaps if Republican men acted in ways that led women to believe that they’ll be treated as equal partners, Rep. Wagner’s job might be easier.

It might help if Republican didn’t default to assuming women are too stupid to notice the things being done to keep them under the thumb of the men in their lives. Republicans might hope to attract women, but actions speak louder than words. If they don’t begin acting in ways that allow women to believe their concerns are being taken seriously and that they’ll be regarded and treated as equals, the GOP has no hope at winning elections. Do the math; when you manage to alienate 54% of the electorate, it’s not a recipe for capturing a majority of votes.