CNN Loses Last Shred Of Credibility With Goofy Science Fiction Based Poll (IMAGE)


New CNN poll asks if aliens abducted Flight 370, which vanished after taking off from Malaysia earlier this year. Yes, they honestly did.

From now on, whenever someone asks me why I refuse to watch CNN, I’ll refer to this poll, titled “Did ‘Space Aliens, Time Travelers or Beings From Another Dimension’ Make Flight 370 Disappear” because it sums up everything wrong with what used to be a decent news operation. Over the past few years (starting about the time Wolf Blitzer interviewed a hologram of Jessica Yellin), CNN has transformed itself into something never before seen in television news- a 24/7/365 exercise in self-parody. The extended pointless silliness of MH370 merely serves as confirmation. When you have no hard information but a 24 hour day’s worth of air time to fill up, if you’re Jeff Zucker you examine every possible angle…even if some of those angle make no sense.

Of course, CNN isn’t alone in flogging a story to and past the point of absurdity. Fox News Channel is fixated on Benghazi, and MSNBC’s been focused with laser-like intensity on “Bridgegate,” the scandal surrounding epic traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge allegedly created by Gov. Chris Christie’s staff. CNN’s one-upped them with it’s all-hands-on-deck, balls-to-the-wall, no-stone-left-unturned obsession with MH370. No network has covered more angles from more angles than CNN. That said, when you put up a poll seriously asking if “space aliens, time travelers, or beings from another dimension” could have disappeared MH370, you’ve seriously jumped the shark…and lost whatever credibility you have had previously.

See for yourself.


What’s next? Hiring a psychic to communicate with the pilot or co-pilot? Using tarot cards to determine what happened to the plane? CNN anchor Don Lemon has already covered the supernatural possibilities. I’m out of ideas, but CNN certainly isn’t. There’s the “black hole” theory, in which Don Lemon seriously asked if a black hole could have swallowed MH370…except that black holes exist in deep space, which means MH370 would have strayed WAY off its intended flight path.

There’s the “zombie plane” theory, which wonders if MH370 might have depressurized or experience some other catastrophe that killed everyone on board but didn’t knock the plane out of the sky.

And then there’s the “space aliens stole my plane” theory. What? You have a better idea??

As tragic as the mystery of MH370’s disappearance may be, it’s proved to be a ratings gold mine for CNN. No matter what the speculation may be or how silly and out of touch with reality CNN’s coverage may be, their ratings are WAY up. It’s almost as if CNN had deliberately arranged for MH370 to disappear without a trace in an effort to prove their journalistic bona fides and increase their ratings. Given the “quality” of CNN’s coverage, that’s about the only theory in this sad saga that actually makes sense.

Or maybe it really was space aliens….