House GOP Turns Latest Benghazi Investigation Into Hyperpartisan Witchhunt

House GOP Turns Latest Benghazi Investigation Into Hyperpartisan Witchhunt

To further add insult, the Republicans latest attempt to go after President Obama for the non-existent Benghazi ‘scandal’ does not even include a balance of Democrats on the special committee.

For the sake of argument, let’s say there was a legitimate, nonpartisan reason to continue investigating the tragic events in Benghazi. We’ll assume for our purposes that new evidence has come to light which warrants millions of tax dollars being spent on yet another investigation. If you’re a House Republican, and you have a functional grip on reality, you understand that your caucus has a reputation for playing political games (using Benghazi in a never-ending search for a scandal that will (finally) stick to Barack Obama). With that in mind, if you honestly believe that something is amiss and needs to be brought to light, wouldn’t it make sense to do it in an environment free of potential accusations of partisanship?

I’ve heard it said that zebras can’t change their stripes; in this case, it means that Republicans can’t stop their balls-to-the-wall efforts to embarrass and marginalize the President. The latest House panel to investigate Benghazi will consist of seven Republicans and five Democrats. This means that any conclusion the panel arrives at will almost certainly be suspected to be predetermined and positioned to do as much damage to the President as possible. The panel, no matter how somberly it approaches its task or how diligently it may conduct its investigation, will produce a report whose conclusion will be assumed to be political in nature. They have the power to change that perception; all they need to do is create a bipartisan panel split evenly between Democrats and Republicans.

Can any rational person seriously believe that after eight investigations yielding no smoking gun, the ninth will FINALLY uncover the “truth” that this President and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were derelict in their duties, leading directly to the deaths of four brave Americans? In the spirit of the 50+ floor votes to dismantle Obamacare, House Republicans are determined to flog Benghazi until they get their “AHA!!” moment.

If Republicans were agreeable to a blue-ribbon panel evenly split between themselves and Democrats, it might be possible to believe their interest really does lie in finding the truth. Instead, we’re faced with yet another attempt to stir up negative PR for the President and damage Hillary Clinton’s possible Presidential aspirations. It investigation #9 doesn’t produce the desired results, there are plenty of Republicans in the House dedicated to investigating Benghazi for as long as it takes to embarrass the President find the truth…and by “truth,” I mean “anything that can be manufactured out of whole cloth that will stick to the President or Mrs. Clinton.” And you can bet that Fox News Channel will continue beating the drums for them.

I understand and appreciate that Republicans take the deaths of four Americans seriously. If only they’d shown the same concern when a certain President ignored warnings from the intelligence community that might have prevented 9/11 and the resulting deaths of more than 3000 Americans.

Evidently, accusations of dereliction of duty are only taken seriously when the occupant of the Oval Office is a Democrat.