Republican Colonel Attacks GOP For Investigating Benghazi Instead Of Cheney’s War Crimes (VIDEO)

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Scolds His Party

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson did not mince words on his appearance on the Ed Show last evening. He appeared on the show to discuss Republicans rehashing the Benghazi story yet again. Lawrence Wilkerson was the chief of staff of former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell. This makes his words that much more striking and prescient.

Ed Schultz asked if Americans were still concerned about Benghazi. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson said that Americans were of course concerned about those that were killed. He pointed out that the Benghazi incident was looked over thoroughly. He said only classified pieces may have escaped scrutiny. He also said that it was likely that any classified information would show that the CIA was more culpable than one is seeing right now.

Lawrence Wilkerson was asked if the Benghazi incident could have been prevented if there had been better funding. He responded that if monies were allocated according to recommendations there would have been much better security at consulates and embassies around the world. He said that is a statement of fact.

When asked about the talking points used to inform Americans about the Benghazi incident, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson did not hesitate.  He said it is expected that right after any incident, information is generally not accurate. That is when he really got upset and let himself go with an unsolicited attack on his Republican Party.

Wilkerson stated:

I do find it to be an enormous problem in my political Party, the Republicans. I am still a Republican. I find it an enormous problem that they go after something like this, Benghazi, tragedy that it was, and they don’t go after something that is a colossal tragedy like the war crimes of Richard Bruce Cheney.

This is not the first time that Colonel Wilkerson has excoriated his party. He scolded his party on their racist proclivities in the past.

Ed Schultz followed up and asked if the Democrats should pursue Dick Cheney if they get back power in Congress. Lawrence Wilkerson said the decision by President Obama not to look back was lamentable. He said America will regret the fact that we condoned torture in the world. We set human rights and international criminal justice back. He said we went from a leader to a laughing stock of the world. He said George Bush and Dick Cheney are largely responsible for that.

This statement from an insider in the Bush White House that considers himself a good Republican is epic. One wonders why CNN, Fox News, and the other network channels are not rolling snippets of this alongside their obsession by the colossal waste of time and American taxpayer dollars on yet another inquiry that will provide no additional actionable information.