Crazy “Christian” Radio Host Thinks Yoga Is Turning America Into Nazi Germany


[Markell] also cited comparisons between Nazi Germany and America during the conference, including the country adopting socialized medicine, banning prayer from school and a growing fascination with mystical spirituality.

She said Hitler was fascinated with mysticism, because “he knew it would crumble the Christian faith,” and warned that Christian churches in America are likewise trying spiritual traps like walking the labyrinth, “Christian” yoga and contemplative prayer.

One of the beautiful things about being an ultra-Conservative Christian is that there are no boundaries on the things you can weave together into a conspiracy theory…or to prove that the End Times are upon us…and that Barack Obama is in the middle of it all. (The man’s got a Muslim name; what else could you expect?) Their theories are based on a combination of poorly-interpreted Scripture and sheer, unmedicated lunacy, but for whatever reason they attract an audience. That’s what happens when you live in a country that guarantees the freedoms of speech, expression, and religion…there’s no glass ceiling when it comes to crazy.

I’ve no real beef with Christianity- honest Christianity based on a reasonable interpretation of Scripture and the teachings of Jesus Christ. I may not believe in God, but I understand the power such a belief can hold for an individual. Besides, what’s so wrong with a philosophy of life based on peace, love, and understanding? Except that in the case of Jan Markell, her Christianity is based on fear, ignorance, and intolerance…pretty much the exact opposite of what her Lord and Savior taught. It does make her a comedy gold mine, though.

Today’s case in point is Markell’s belief that yoga is turning America into Nazi Germany. Let that sink in for a moment…and then try to follow her logic and connect the dots. It’s really quite amusing, especially when you factor in World Net DailyWND will peddle any story that they can use to portray President Obama negatively…especially when they can weave Nazism, Islam, and homosexuality into the story.

Markell begins with the premise that the 2008 Presidential campaign was predicated on Barack Obama selling himself as a messiah (remember the picture with what looked to be a halo around his head? PROOF POSITIVE!!).  With WND’s documentary that uses a Holocaust survivor to link the President to Adolf Hitler, Markell then segues into the assertion that yoga is turning America into Nazi Germany. Something about alternative spirituality being used to detour people from the loving arms of Jesus Christ and into the pits of Hell…or something like that. She lost me with the “yoga turning America into Nazi Germany” thing.

I’m fascinated by Markell’s argument in part because of her earnestness. I can’t say that she honestly smells what she’s cooking, but she sells it well enough that she’s undoubtedly making a tidy sum from the faithful(ly deluded). Barack Obama + Messiah= Adolf Hitler + Nazism + Yoga. Of course; it’s all so simple and easy to understand when you break things down scientifically, eh?

Do the math…and be afraid. Very afraid.