Racist Fox News Shows Random Asians Mourning Instead Of Koreans Mourning Sunken Ferry (IMAGE)


Fox News decides all Asians look alike as it posts pictures of Tibetans in a story about the Korean ferry disaster.

This one comes to us straight from the “Meh, They All Look the Same Anyway” Department….

I’ll freely admit to occasionally having difficulties telling a Japanese national from a Chinese…or Korean…or sometimes even a Tibetan national. That’s not me being racist; I’m just being upfront about my occasional inability to tell one Asian ethnic groups from another. I try, but sometimes it just doesn’t work…which evidently is more than can be said for Fox News Channel, for whom one Asian ethnic group is as good as the next. Yeah, I know; if that sounds lazy, it’s only because it is.

Rather than taking actual file footage of those Koreans mourning those lost in the ferry sinking, the journalistic titans at FNC decided that it would be WAY easier to use footage of random Asians mourning…well, does it even really matter? ‘Cuz they all look the same, don’tchaknow? And who’s going to be able to tell them apart, anyway??



I realize that FNC probably has its crack video editing staff of 24/7 Benghazi duty, but you’d think that someone at the Death Star would be able to come up with something at least close to being authentic. I may not be an expert when it comes to Asian ethnicity, but even I can tell you that the photo features two people who almost certainly aren’t Korean. When a Korean-American blogger calls you out for using depictions of “people presumably from another region of Asia,” (Tibet??) it’s time to be big enough to admit your mistake, apologize to those who may have been offended, and make the necessary corrections.

Except that FNC doesn’t conduct itself by the same rules other news outlets adhere to. Most new providers value accuracy, and mistakes are something to be acknowledged and corrected immediately. Most people will understand an honest mistake; we’ve all made our share, right? Acknowledge it, correct it, and most people will forget it in no time. It seems only Liberals admit their mistakes, eh?

If you work at FNC, the Prime Directive appears to be, “No matter what, NEVER admit to a mistake. The Liberal Media will view that as a sign of weakness.”

Even if it means using a picture of random Asians mourning…something. Because they all look the same anyway.