Watch John Fugelsang Take GOP To Task For Benghazi Hypocrisy (VIDEO)

Maybe the Democratic Party should hire John Fugelsang to write their narratives. He has been on point for the last several weeks on MSNBC with fact based points to counter the GOP. John Fugelsang identifies the Benghazi fever occurring on the Right appropriately as the exploitation of four dead Americans as you can watch here.

One wonders how those that are pushing the story can live with themselves knowing that they are causing the families of these dead diplomats such pain. The House is now forming a special select committee to open yet another investigation. This even as earlier this year the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence released a comprehensive report.

Members of the House Republicans are forcing families of the dead Americans to relive this tragedy day after day. They continue to do this for political reasons with no regard for the dignity of the affected.

”They don’t care about these four innocent dead people,” John Fugelsang said. “We went from using a terror attack in 2001 to cheer on a president to using a terror attack in 2012 to smear on a president. They exploited three thousand terror dead to attack Iraq. Now they exploit four terror dead to attack Barack.”

John Fugelsang went on to make the most salient point. “This is all about one thing. And it’s not about a cover up,” John Fugelsang said. “If they cared about a cover up, Oliver North would be breaking rocks in a Federal Pen right now. This is about 2014. The GOP has no ideas and they’ve got to get the base out. This gets them angry. And I am sorry but the Democrats are taking this like a real piñata … and they keep getting pummel on this. The Democrats need to turn this around and call these guys out for what they are really doing, a crass exploitation of four tragic deaths for a really disgusting political gain.”

Later on John Fugelsang went on to describe the hypocrisy of GOP concern. Under Bush, several US installations were hit throughout the world. Reagan sold weapons to Iraq. Where was the real merited outrage?

John Fugelsang has the ability to tell inconvenient truths without vile or any display of anger. His narrative is on point and would likely convince listeners attempting to be objective and rational.