Racist NBA Team Owner Is A Registered Republican, Not A Democrat Like Conservatives Are Claiming

Donald Sterling Is A Republican - GOP elephant with egg on its face.

The right-wing media was quick to label Donald Sterling a Democrat after his racist comments were made public. Problem is, he’s a Republican. – Cartoon by Bill Day, Cagle.com.

It seems every time someone goes nuts in this country, or simply shows off their previously hidden nuttery, the Right Wing Spin Machine immediately goes into hyper drive to show that person was a democrat. Only problem, at least lately (like the last 60 years, at least) their batting average is pathetically low. Oh yes, every once in a blue moon some purported “liberal” gets caught saying the n word, or saying 1 thing bad, or doing 1 thing nutty … granted. But by and large, we find most of the racists and nut jobs in today’s public eye to be of GOP and/or “conservative” leanings.

After the Bundy episode, where the infamous rancher was found to be a cheat and a racist (not just either / or, which presumably a lot of tea people could have lived with), the right wing talk-o-sphere immediately jumped like 6 year old’s  going for a soccer ball to jump on Clippers Owner Donald Sterling and his alleged  racist tirade recorded by his current girlfriend, V. Stiviano. Stiviano’s original recording, which started it all, can be heard here.

And why did they jump so fast to attack Mr. Sterling?  Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the right wing smear machine immediately assumed, based on a few paltry donations to democrats (like Bill Bradley, who’s basketball affiliation may have had more to do with their business than his political party) so, of course, Sterling was a democrat.  Here’s a few other examples of their “work”:

“Report: Clippers Owner Caught In Racist Rant Is A Democratic Donor” — Fox Nation.

“NBA Sterling is a Democrat…” — Matt Drudge.

“Race Hate Spewing Clippers Owner Is Democratic Donor” — the Daily Caller.

Only problem, he isn’t a democrat. He’s a long term member of the GOP.

One simple search (I know, it’s a tall order to ask right wingers to actually fact check) to the L.A. County Registrar’s office, reveals that Sterling isn’t a democrat, since 1998, he’s been a registered republican. Go figure.   You can see the results of that search here:


So, one can guess that in the next news cycle, the right-wing smear machine will surely move on to what will hopefully be greener pastures. After all, out of 7 billion people, someone who did something bad or racist has to be a democrat, right? Don’t forget, the Democrats started the KKK (in the 1860s) and the Dixiecrats of the 1960s were the racists too! Forget that the latest example is 50 years old now, a memory so old it’s almost eligible to join AARP. Since then, the GOP / Conservative crowd (and we’re putting aside that the democrats / Dixiecrats  that were racists 50 or 150 years ago were “conservatives” too) has owned the racist crown, and it’s not even close.

Let’s get back to Donald Sterling. What will happen next is anyone’s guess.  But what has happened so far has been as predictable as it gets. The right wingers scream “racist democrat” with the fervor of an “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” character.  A couple of days later, the facts come out, and once again, egg is on the right wing’s proverbial face. Donald Sterling is a long time, registered Republican. Do the right wingers retract, apologize or do anything even close to “owning up” to the errors?

Of course not.

But the problem of Donald Sterling still remains, regardless of political affiliation. If the NBA doesn’t currently have a statute in their charter that can strip Mr Sterling of his franchise, they need to make one, ASAP. I think most can agree that the NBA will not lose anything if someone else is providing the Clipper players with “food and clothes.”

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