Porn Website Is Planting Trees In Return For You Watching Their Videos (VIDEO)

Pornhub Is Planting Trees In Return For You Watching Porn

The term ‘got wood’ takes on a whole new meaning with Pornhub’s latest promotion – for watching their videos, they will plant trees to save the environment.

There’s undoubtedly some sort of taboo about watching pornographic videos. Regardless of how normal it may be viewed by the mainstream, there will always be someone out there to say that someone else is a ‘pervert’ simply because they enjoy occasional gratification in the form of online sex videos. Well pornography viewers no longer have to worry about this stigma, at least for a few more days, since Pornhub, a large database of online porn videos, has turned ‘being a pervert’ into ‘saving the world.’

Pornhub Gives America Wood.

Okay, we want to say that ‘Pornhub Gives America Wood’ isn’t a complete play on words, but it is. Yes, it does have that sexual innuendo about it, but it also quite accurately describes the website’s campaign to save the world. In fact, the porn giant has pledged to have one tree planted for every 100 pornographic videos viewed on their site. That’s right, people; time to save the world!

Of course, with such an easy way to save Mother Earth, there would have to be a few conditions. First off, the campaign is supposed to only run in the week following Arbor Day. That’s right, you only have a few more days to save the world via this campaign, so get to it! Also, and this may seem a bit out of place, but the video has to be out of the ‘Big Dick’ category.

Look guys, we didn’t make the rules. And ladies, that means saving the world rests squarely on your shoulders. Wait a second… shouldn’t all male porn stars fall into that category? Isn’t that WHY they’re porn stars? Goodness gracious, if any of those guys are average, I think I just became a little depressed!

Don’t Feel Bad About Watching Porn.

Sure, we’ll all do the little high school act of picking on our friends if we catch them watching porn, but in reality, most of us are just being hypocrites. The porn industry turns larger profits than all professional basketball, baseball, and football franchises combined every year. It even makes more money than the combined yearly revenue of NBC, CBS, and ABC.

Additionally, there are 68 million Internet searches daily for porn sites. And guys, don’t worry too much; it’s not just you. A full 28% of all online pornography viewers are members of the fairer sex. In layman’s terms, they’re women. And if the whole ‘saving the world’ thing doesn’t assuage your partner’s uneasiness about you watching porn, you can always point out that a Danish study found that watching porn can improve a couple’s sex life.

See? Everyone does it! Now, you only have a few days to get as many trees planted as possible. Just remember that you’ll be able to tell your grandkids that you helped save the world by watching porn. Oh, and if you want to know more Internet porn statistics, the following video is very informative. While there’s no nudity in it, I’d probably still say it’s not safe for work. Now, open that private browsing window and go green!