Racist NBA Team Owner Receives Massive Fine And Lifetime Ban For Racist Comments (VIDEO)


Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, dealt swift and severe judgment today in regards to alleged remarks from controversial Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. Silver ruled that Sterling would receive a lifetime ban from the NBA, stating that “We stand together in condemning Mr. Sterling’s views,” adding “They simply have no place in the NBA.”

Silver’s actions today should put to rest the outrage from people in and around the NBA as well as fans who have planned protests in front of tonight’s game. And where the NBA can’t force Sterling to sell his team, they can ban him from any involvement with the game forever.

He is also “urging the board of governors …  to force a sale of the team.” In other words, forcing him from ownership is a grey area.

Sterling is expected to fight it in court but one would think, even if there is some sort of court fight, that the sale of the team is inevitable. Whether it be from pressure from other owners and the league or just a realization that no one wants him around, one would expect at least eventually, if not sooner, Sterling will just get out.

It is pretty obvious at this point that he is in the business not for a love of the game, but as a profit center. He will surely take his profit (he bought the team for a paltry 25 million many years ago. Today the franchise might be worth up to 500 million) and run.  Immediately, the group looking to bring back the Sonics to Seattle springs to mind as a potential buyer for the franchise. Also basketball legend Magic Johnson has stated his own desire to purchase the team. Sterling also received a 2.5 million dollar fine.

That probably won’t put him in the poorhouse, but it is the maximum allowed currently by the NBA’s charter. All the fine money will be donated by the league. Silver was asked why the NBA hadn’t acted until today in dealing with “a known racist slumlord.” Silver deflected that and other questions neatly.

Since Silver is a new commissioner, he need not answer to anything that happened before his tenure. All in all, I believe the NBA is to be commended for its swift action. Also to be commended are owners like Michael Jordan who spoke out early and loudly. Sponsors who dropped Sterling like a rock and entertainers like Snoop Dogg who used their star power to object to about an obvious case of racial hate that we have seen, at least lately.

Not to be commended is the NAACP, who was about to bestow Sterling with a lavish “Lifetime Achievement” award, not for any actual achievements, but for writing big (conscience clearing) checks. Organizations like the NAACP and other non-profits will hopefully use this as a learning moment as to avoid such embarrassments in the future. Maybe actually look at the achievements instead of the size of the check while turning a blind eye to the actions of a man who’s racism has been repeatedly called “the worst kept secret in the NBA.”

If I can google stories from the past showing this man’s disdain for minorities (before the now famous recording by V) surely the NAACP could have googled them as well. Also not to be commended are the scores of “journalists’ who thought, based on a few small donations, that Donald Sterling was a democrat, when he has been a registered republican for at least 15 years.

Here’s video of Commissioner Silver’s announcement and Q&A on the banishment / fine.