Racists Erupt on Facebook After CNN Tells the Story of Genocide Survivors (IMAGES)


CNN posts a story about genocide survivors in Africa forming their own extended families. Racists on Facebook come out in full force.

Americans like to believe that they live in a country that has healed substantially since the days of segregation and Jim Crow. Fortunately, this is a very true statement, but every so often, something happens that jars us so harshly that we have to remember that there are still large pockets of ignorant racism littered throughout the country. And yes, littered is the appropriate word here. In what may or may not have been an intentional effort to show the bigotry that still exists in America, CNN posted a beautiful story by any standards which elicited a dramatic racist response.

A story of family and humanity bastardized by racists.

The story on CNN’s website speaks of young people who survived a mass genocide in 1994 which ended with the violent deaths of around 800,000 people in Rwanda. Many of these individuals lost their entire families. In fact, around 95,000 children in the country ended up as orphans due to the tragedy. Even worse is the fact that around 70 percent of these children witnessed the violence firsthand, and many of them were themselves victimized by it.

The report, though, isn’t without a silver lining. CNN told the story of Jean Claude Nkusi, a man who at the age of 23 years old has taken on the father figure role for 24 children who lost their families during the genocide. Nkusi and the other youngsters are part of the Association for Student Genocide Survivors. The group helps Rwandan youth, many of who lost everything during the genocide, join new families so they can have the familial structure that is so vital to Rwandan culture.

Of course, CNN made the mistake of posting the status “Why does this 23-year-old have 24 children? This isn’t your typical family” on Facebook when it shared the story. What happened next is exactly why any logical person recognizes the falsehood behind anyone who says that racism isn’t a problem in our country.

Facebook users go full racist. You never go full racist.

Those who actually read the aforementioned story recognize how beautiful and touching it is. It’s amazing to see a young man take responsibility for so many youngsters that don’t even share the same blood. As can be seen on the Facebook post for the story, though, racists would rather judge a man on the color of his skin and on CNN’s status update rather than reading the actual story. In all fairness, though, studies have shown that low IQ scores are linked to racism, so maybe they just weren’t able to read it?

Comments ranged from “Who pays for the food and cloths welfare” to “Because after 10 he don’t have to pay childsupport after 20 you get paid.” I do apologize if reading the incredible lack of grammatical acuity in those comments has hurt your brain, but as a journalist, I try to quote people with an exactness. Sadly, it seems you can be racist, and you can know how to use the English language properly, but you can’t do both.

You can click here to go to the post where it’s very likely that racist comments are still being posted, but if you don’t have the time, just look at the small sampling below. Seems one user, we’ll call him Michael, since that’s his name, feltlike coming back several times to show off his ignorance.


Knowing that this amount of racism still exists in our country is sickening. Of course, the man named Jimmy in the above image even managed to blame President Obama by simply saying “Obama welfare.” That’s right people:  you heard it here first. Obama’s welfare is responsible for a 23-year-old man, who doesn’t live in America and definitely doesn’t receive welfare, having the heart to take on 24 children to ensure that they have a life that’s worth living.

And in other news, racist bigots on Facebook are literally not worthy to lick the Rwandan dirt off of the bottom of that man’s boots.