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‘Dumocrap Slut’ Sandra Fluke Mulls Run For Congress, Right Wing Explodes With Misogyny

Sandra Fluke for Congress? Right wing explodes in rage at the idea.

Sandra Fluke may run for Congress. The right immediately calls her a slut & whore, proving that the War on Women is a total myth. Really!

Sandra Fluke is thinking about running for Congress:

Sandra Fluke, the former Georgetown University Law student who became a national figure after conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut,” said Thursday that she is considering a run for Rep. Henry Waxman’s (D-Calif.) seat in the House of Representatives. Waxman announced Thursday that he will retire at the end of this session after 20 terms in Congress.

Fluke, who currently works as a social justice attorney in Los Angeles, said in a statement obtained by The Huffington Post that she is exploring a run for the seat, which lies in a safely Democratic district.

If you’ll recall, Sandra Fluke set off a firestorm of criticism by going before Congress in support of the contraceptive mandate in Obamacare. Rush Limbaugh went full misogynist (you never go full misogynist) and the right tried to close ranks around him when the push back came. This turned out to be a horrible miscalculation since Rush’s remarks about Fluke were so over the top that even conservative women gagged. Rush’s Sandra Fluke debacle crystallized just how deeply the right dislikes women who have the nerve to get out of the kitchen.

So how is the right taking a possible Sandra Fluke run for office? Not well.

Sandra Fluke is figuratively everything the right-wing hates in a woman: she’s intelligent, passionate, attractive and liberal. So, of course, the very idea of Fluke running for office brought out the misogyny from the right. Here’s a quick peek at the comments sections of a few right-wing websites:

Fox Nation vs Sandra Fluke:

RichardMekeel: Her nickname should be ‘Skippy’…So spreadable it’s incredible!

amerisad: Another sl u tty politician is just what California needs.

imspartacus: They have Abortion Barbie in Texas, now Condom Barbie in Kaliforinia. The dumocrap party is doing so well. LMAO

BadMoonRaising: U don’t need a seat. I think u should just get a cot in an empty room off of the House chambers where u can use up ur monthly freebee’s of condoms and birth control pills serving congress!

SDekker: Democrats degrade women!  They think all women care about is free birth control and abortions. (This genius is trying out the new right wing talking point that telling women that no one can tell them how to live their lives is “degrading.” Good luck with that! -FLS)

cwheeler: low info will probably vote for the wh0re in need of my money to protect her from her own uncontrollable s3xual escapades

Breibart.com vs Sandra Fluke:

bobruark: I hear she has been “around the world” without leaving a bedroom

John H. Ruszkowski: Rush was right, Fluke is a slut.

Tommie: When will she have time? She will be exhausted. The Navy’s 7th fleet can keep her occupied.

BeatTTUN: Well she proved in front of the American People that she is a certifiable whore, so a logical career choice would be in politics.

Why she was never required to bring forth the men she claims to be having all the sex with only a monthly basis is beyond me.

SKinGN: She will be running as the standard bearer for the Slut Party

National Review vs Sandra Fluke:

joeblow: It’s a fluke anybody cares about this dopey broad. Also, why do lesbos need birth control?

Cuffs: I don’ think Fluke is a good choice.
Could we be sure she would curtail her recreational sex long enough to serve as a public servant? The cost of her birth control would probably exceed The Mooch’s vacation spending.

stevesharkman: just what this country needs…another ugly, lonely, horny loser chick in office…

John Galt: I can see it now “The woman who will screw anyone is ready to screw America”
And America will pay for it!

SandyH20: This slut and Abortion Barbie in Texas think women are nothing more than vagina’s that others are responsible for caring for!

SandyH20: Sandra is a slut. A liberal slut who should keep her pants on or pay for her own pills.

A political party, by and large, is its base. The GOP has to appeal to its voters or they will not vote. It really is that simple. So when the base looks at Sandra Fluke and declares that she is a slutty whore, how do you think the GOP will treat her? Keep in mind, Sandra Fluke’s crime was to make the argument that, yes, women require birth control and it should be a mandatory part of any insurance policy. What a dirty tramp. And that, my friends, is where the GOP’s War on Women comes from. It’s what their base wants.

For this reason, the GOP and conservative entertainment complex have spent the last 3 years completely alienating female voters. This, somehow, is the fault of the “liberal” media for, you know, reporting what the right says verbatim. But let’s be honest, the right clearly despises women like Sandra Fluke (and Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi and Rachel Maddow, etc.) and no amount of whining about “liberal” media bias can make the obvious misogyny of the conservative base disappear. Sandra Fluke is a magnet for the right’s rage and for that reason alone I hope she runs. Even if she loses, the bile that the right will vomit forth will be more damaging than anything the left can come up with. Nothing informs the electorate about how sick and diseased the right wing has become than letting conservatives speak for themselves.