OK Lawmaker Would Ban All Marriage To Prevent Gay Marriage

Marriage: OK state rep would ban ALL marriages to spite gays.

An Oklahoma state representative is ready to outlaw all marriages in an effort to stop marriage equality from becoming a reality. What a bigot. – Photo CC by Elvert Barnes

Just when you thought you’d heard every insanely nutty idea out of a politician that you could possibly hear, Oklahoma legislators started trying to come up with ways to stop marriage equality. Unrealistic ideas aren’t anything new in the battle over marriage equality. Many people will recall the recent story of a Utah man who promised not to eat until marriage equality was completely outlawed in his state. Not that anybody would’ve cared if the man had starved over his bigotry, but Rep. Mike Turner out of the Sooner State may just be taking the crazy a step further.

No Freedom Until We Are Equal.

The big news story that recently came out of Okla. was that a District Court judge found that the state’s provision banning marriage equality was, in a word, unconstitutional. The judge in the matter did stay his decision since he knew it would undoubtedly be appealed, but Rep. Turner already has his Plan B ready if the courts side with equality.

He’s going to ban all marriages in Oklahoma. That’s right. In an effort to ensure that the courts decision is upheld while making sure that those who are both in love and of the same gender cannot sanctify their union, the politician is ready to ban marriage across the entire state. When Turner was asked whether it would be realistic for Oklahoma to ban marriage altogether, the ingenious politician responded:

“That would definitely be a realistic opportunity, and it’s something that would be part of the discussion.”

This idea is actually funny on some levels. Many movie stars, for instance, promised to never get married until marriage equality was passed for all. In addition, some churches across the nation have vowed to wed no couples until all loving couples, regardless of sexual orientation, can get married. The especially hilarious part, however, is the fact that this law would turn Oklahomans, who voted overwhelmingly to ban marriage equality in 2004, into unwilling supporters of the “no one can get married until everyone can get married” movement.

No Legitimate Argument Against Marriage Equality.

Those who are fighting against marriage equality have two arguments on their side: it’s not biblical and it’s not natural. Well, unfortunately for individuals who argue the biblical perspective, marriage really isn’t biblical. In fact, marriage predates recorded history, and since the Bible, which obviously can’t predate recorded history since it allegedly is recorded history, came around much later than the institution of marriage, there’s no logical person who would claim that a certain religion had dibs on marriage.

For those who call marriage equality unnatural, sadly, nature basically tells them to get a life. In reality, the majority of species in the animal kingdom actually exhibit homosexual behavior. Sadly, only one of these species exhibits homophobia. So tell me again, which one of these is unnatural? Of course, these arguments are completely ignoring the fact that outlawing marriage equality is also a vicious affront to the Constitution of the United States.

GOP Antics Doomed To Failure.

Anyone who paid attention to the Supreme Court case of United States vs. Windsor, the case which overturned the Defense of Marriage Act, may have noticed one peculiar thing. In fact, for anyone who wants to look over the transcript, a very interesting fact can be found just by using the Ctrl+F function on the page. If a person searches for the terms “Bible” or “religion” in the oral arguments of the case, they’ll find that they’re not contained anywhere within the document.

What does this mean? Well, it’s quite simple. It means that religion cannot be used to ban marriage equality. This is because America isn’t a theocracy. DOMA died in the Supreme Court, and any court that takes their job seriously and protects the constitutional rights of everyone will have no choice but to land on the side of equality. The Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution ensures that everyone has equal protection under the law, and this means gay couples will eventually gain all of the rights of their heterosexual counterparts.

And no, civil unions are not enough. Regardless of what some conservatives claim, they’re not equal to a marriage. Honestly, though, even if they were, haven’t we tried “separate but equal” laws at some other point in our history?