Pro-Gun Republican Police Chief Accidentally Shoots Himself… Again

Wannabe sheriff Counceller accidently shoots self with own gun

Republican Sheriff candidate, David Counceller, also known as a “good guy with a gun”, accidentally proves that all gun purchasers need training courses. Image: Akban

David Counceller, a police chief out of the Connersville Police Department in Indiana, didn’t have the greatest of extended weekends over the Martin Luther King holiday. In an epic stroke of irony, one of the often touted “good guys with a gun” managed to accidentally shoot someone: himself. While putting his own weapon back into its holster after comparing it to a newer model, the police chief accidentally caught the 40-caliber Glock on his clothes and shot himself in the leg. They often say there’s a first time for everything, but this definitely wasn’t it for Chief Counceller.

Counceller making a career out of shooting himself.

Even though Counceller is a veteran of the force, having served over 30 years in his current department alone, some may think it’s understandable to make such a mistake. After all, no one was harmed; so no harm, no foul. Right? Well that would be incredibly easier to believe if the chief hadn’t been in this same situation before. Around 15 years ago, Counceller managed to shoot himself in the hand, and that occurrence seems a bit worse than his latest shooting.

Keep in mind, his first accident occurred 15 years ago, and his police career has been just over 30 years long. This means that this well-trained “good guy with a gun” has managed to shoot himself in 15 year intervals since he got started. What’s even worse than that? His first accident occurred when he failed to check the chamber for a bullet when unloading the gun.

That’s right, Counceller, this well-trained police chief managed to forget to the one thing that you have to do when emptying a gun. Come on chief; you had one job. The absolute best part about this, though, is the fact that Counceller is seeking the Republican nomination for Sheriff in his county. He actually thinks that shooting himself for the second time could be beneficial for his candidacy. He literally said:

“You have to keep your guard up at all times. Some candidates are out there doing things for kids to try to get elected. Me, I shoot myself. What a way to get publicity.”

What’s really sad about this? It’s a Republican primary, so Counceller actually may be right.¬† Come on, a cop with two shootings on his record? Conservative gold.

Police shooting themselves isn’t isolated.

What’s especially frightening is the fact that the Connersville police chief isn’t an exception to the rule. In fact, police manage to accidentally shoot themselves relatively frequently. In fact, one study on the Los Angeles Police Department between 1985 and 2005 found that police accidentally shot themselves or each other nearly as often as they shot perpetrators. That’s right. Los Angeles, the city often linked to overkill when it comes to shooting suspects (just look at the unarmed mentally ill veteran who was shot while surrendering to LA Police), has police officers who are nearly as dangerous to themselves as they are to crooks.

Lesson learned.

What should be taken away from this all is the fact that even well-trained officers of the law manage to have accidents with guns. For some reason, though, many states don’t even require training courses for individuals who want to purchase these weapons. Yet every time a child shoots themselves with their parent’s gun or a person kills one of their loved ones on accident, self-proclaimed protectors of the 2nd Amendment claim that it’s due to carelessness on the part of the gun owner.

Really? There are Billy Bobs and Bubbas in America right now whose extent of training is taking themselves out to the woods in the back and shooting Budweiser cans off of the steps of the trailer that used to serve as a meth lab, and they’re claiming that only careless gun owners can be involved in accidents where innocent people get shot? Go tell that to the Connersville police chief.

Until the majority of “good guys with guns” are forced to get at least the amount of training that police, who manage to accidentally shoot people plenty, are getting, I’m pretty sure I’m a bit more scared of the “good guys” who think Friday nights in the woods with Billy Ray constitute adequate training than I am of the bad guys.