Rush Limbaugh Makes List Of ‘Most Admired People’ In New Poll

Rush Limbaugh polls 9th 'most admired' person, Hillary Clinton 10th.

Rush Limbaugh is gloating this week. He finished ninth in a poll when Americans named the ‘most admired people’ of 2014. Hillary Clinton finished ‘last.’ – Image @DonkeyHotey

Rush Limbaugh is gloating this week. Nothing new, really. Limbaugh is gloating almost every week. But this week he’s wallowing in egotism because in a poll of “most admired people” in the United States he beat Hillary Clinton.

As usual, Limbaugh’s giant head is too inflated for him to consider any nuance. And the people who listen to Rush are too benighted to think for themselves. The term “Dittohead” carries far more meaning than those poor souls will ever know.

If we look just a little deeper at poll results we find there’s virtually no cause for any of our friends on the reactionary fringe to cheer. People in thirteen countries were asked to name the person they “most admired.”

Rush Limbaugh proud to finish ninth on list of “most admired people.”

Limbaugh is quite proud of the fact he finished ninth when only responses in the U. S. are tallied. He even put up a link on his webpage to a story by the Washington Examiner that carried the headline:


It’s the usual crap that passes for right-wing wisdom these days. Alright, then, let’s have some fun liberal fun.

Let’s parse the results. Does finishing tenth really mean Hillary finished “last?” And if it does shouldn’t The Master of Bombast be bummed? That would mean Rush was “next to last.” Hardly reason to gloat. Also, where is the red meat for right-wingers in this poll? Ted Cruz didn’t make the cut. He got beat by the Dali Lama! Bill Gates, who thinks rich Americans should pay higher taxes, shows up in the poll. Where are conservative icons Charles and David Koch? How come not a single current GOP leader makes the list? Not Mitt. Not Marco Rubio. Not Chris “Close the Bridge” Christie.

Not sweet Sarah Palin?

Hillary Clinton didn’t finish ‘last’ in the poll. Hell, she beat out Palin.

So, Hillary Clinton didn’t finish last. She finished tenth. And Bill Clinton beat out the King of Bluster, too. Take Hillary and Bill together and they beat Limbaugh by a margin of 2-1. Okay, I know the numbers are only 3.5% to 2%. But 2-1 sounds so much better—if all you wanted was to befuddle the same simpletons who regularly turn in to listen to Rush. It’s not much of an honor to be named “most admired” by 2% of the American people. In an April 2013 opinion poll 14% of Americans said they believed in Bigfoot. Even more startling, 24% said they thought aliens walked among us. That ought to tell Limbaugh and all his bonehead loyalists something about these kinds of polls. But it’s not likely they have the brain cells left after listening to his bunkum to apply even a modicum of logic to the most basic political matters.

In fact, the reality may be even worse than that. There are still 7% of Americans, in one recent poll, who said they approved of the job Congress is doing.

You almost have to be the mother of a Congressperson or an unfortunate individual in a catatonic state to think that.

Or: how about the fact that two-thirds of Americans can’t name a single justice on the U. S. Supreme Court?

Or this: in a survey conducted in April 2013, 12% of Americans said they thought the Affordable Healthcare Act had been repealed by Congress, 7% thought the U. S. Supreme Court and Chief Justice Whatshisname had overturned it. Another 23% admitted they didn’t “know enough to say what the status of the law is.”

I’m sure if you ran the right survey you could get a small percentage of Americans to admit they believe the Dos Equis spokesman really is “the most interesting man in the world.”

Sorry, we’re not exactly a nation of geniuses.

In other words, Rush, we’re not exactly a nation of geniuses. Then again, the fact you’re still on the air makes that statement seem like a tautology.

At any rate, if Limbaugh wasn’t such a pompous ass he might notice that the poll is full of bad news for men of his ilk. He recently blasted Pope Francis for preaching “pure Marxism” after the Pontiff warned about the dangers of “unfettered capitalism.” Pope Francis has been seated on the throne in Rome for mere months and already his popularity dwarfs that of the conservative radio host. As it should. Pope Francis comes across as a friend of humanity. Limbaugh, by contrast, is a hater. And 2% is probably the “hater vote” in this country. It’s the same demographic that feeds into groups like the KKK and the Neo-Nazis. We all know the type.

Roughly speaking, if we study the Washington Examiner’s graph, Pope Francis has 21% of the vote, Barack Obama 11%. Billy Graham has 6%. George W. Bush, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey get 3% each. The Dali Lama comes in at 2.5%. Then we have Bill Clinton at 2%

Rush finishes ninth.

Mrs. Clinton comes in around 1.5%.

If you add all these percentages you also realize that close to half the vote remains unaccounted for on the chart. For all we know Mitt Romney and George Zimmerman finished 11th and 12th. Or Peyton Manning and Jon Stewart. Maybe Bigfoot came in 13th. Or that Dos Equis guy.

“Stay thirsty, Rush Limbaugh.”

Here are just a few more numbers Limbaugh doesn’t want listeners to hear. It’s too early to tell; but this is the same kind of non-logic we heard in 2012. Remember when all the right-wingers sat around talking only among themselves and ended up believing Mitt Romney was going to be the next President of the United States? Start with this: the entire Republican Party reached a historic nadir in recent favorability polls: 28%. Another survey shows Democrats solidly united behind Mrs. Clinton if she chooses to run in 2016. The GOP folks are much more divided in a similar survey, taken before news about the New Jersey bridge closing broke. Governor Christie ranked first. Senator Cruz stood second. And considering the growing philosophical rift between old-time Republicans and Tea Party folks, that split does not bode well for conservatives.