Angry Churchgoers Quit After Minister Fires Beloved Gay Choir Director

Church fires gay choir director, loses 80% of congregation Empty pews in church.

A church in Indiana is feeling the righteous wrath of most of its congregation after its new minister fired their choir director, who happens to be gay. Photo cc. 2012 Gomagoti via Flickr.

A church in Indiana is experiencing the wrath of most of its congregation after firing a gay member and employee.

A church lost 80 percent of its congregation after the new minister fired its gay choir director.

Adam Fraley had been a member of United Methodist Church in Alexandria for six years. He attended church with his male partner and was generally accepted by a vast majority of church members. He even worked as the church’s choir director and everyone loved his music. But when new minister David Mantor took over, things changed.

The homophobic Mantor forced Fraley out of the church. When David Steele, the intermediary between the minister and church membership, pleaded with Mantor to reconsider, he was asked to resign. But Steele refused. This led to Steele being forcefully removed by the district superintendent. Then something beautiful happened.

Both removals angered the congregation so much that 80 percent of them left the church in protest of the new minister’s hatred.

Fraley is grateful for the support from his fellow church members.

According to the Herald Bulletin,

“Fraley said it was encouraging to see the support the group has for him, especially its demographics. He said getting to know him first was important. ‘I think they got to know me first before they knew I was gay,’ he said.”

The former choir director also thinks it’s hypocritical how “Christians” like David Mantor selectively apply biblical verses.

“I don’t like how people pick and choose which verses they want to apply. The Bible also says gluttony and divorce are bad but people seem to ignore those,” Fraley remarked.

Indeed, one could also add several other verses that people ignore. For instance, the Bible says the wealthy should take care of the poor, that adultery is wrong, and that eating shellfish is prohibited. Yet, these biblical commands are broken every day, even by preachers.

As for David Steele, being betrayed by his former minister still stings.

“It’s almost like he’s hijacked the church,” Steele said. “He is completely going against what the church body wants.”

Minister David Mantor is taking Methodist doctrine too seriously.

All the congregation wants is for Fraley to be welcomed back into the church and resume his position as choir director. But Mantor is taking Methodist doctrine too seriously. Methodist doctrine states that:

“self-avowed, practicing homosexuals are not to be certified as candidates, ordained as ministers, or appointed to serve in The United Methodist Church.”

Mantor seems to believe that Fraley is banned from performing ANY service within the church, but Dan Gangler, the director of communications for the Indiana Conference of the UMC, says otherwise.

“Any other leadership positions should be filled at the discretion of the congregation and the minister,” Gangler told the Herald Bulletin.

In short, Fraley can’t be the minister but he can be the choir director.

Sadly, anti-gay hate has torn apart many church congregations.

This church is paying a steep price for treating gay members horribly. Sadly, this isn’t the only such instance in this country.

A church in Florida expelled an entire boy scout troop in August because national policy now allows gay scouts. In the same month, one Tennessee church expelled an entire family because they refused to cut ties with their lesbian daughter. The family had been members of the church for 60 years. In 2011, a Tennessee pastor actually ordered his flock to beat a gay couple who had arrived to attend church.

It looks like real Christians are starting to fight back against the hate.

Discriminating against gay people is wrong. It’s even worse when church leaders do it. Jesus commands us to love one another. By firing Adam Fraley and pressuring him to leave the church simply because he is gay, the new minister has violated the word of Christ. That alone should disqualify him from his job. His hatred tore a church apart and may have caused some to lose faith. This is not what ministers are supposed to do. The 80 percent of the congregation who left the church did the right thing. They chose to defend Fraley and refused to attend a church that has chosen bigotry and hate over acceptance and love. In other words, the real Christians are fighting back.

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