Barack Obama – Imaginary Reign Of Tyranny

Right-Wingers See Imaginary Tyranny Of Obama Hiding Under The Bed

The right-wing loves to insist President Barack Obama is engaged in tyranny. We look at history to explain why the right-wing is nuts. – Based on a picture Found on T.B Rickert’s Call

Very young children often have imaginary friends. Most grow out of this phase. Not our dear friends on the Tea Party right. They have an Imaginary Tyrant they play with every day. His name is Barack Hussein Obama.

Emphasis always on the “Hussein.”

It’s been all the rage now for five years. Glenn Beck and Michael Savage love to insist that President Obama is equal to Hitler. Or Stalin. Or Mao. They might as well compare him to Barney the Purple Dinosaur. It makes as much sense.

Tyranny often involve guillotines.

An article in the New York Times today might highlight the difference. The Times reports that the guillotine used to execute Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans has been found. The two young Germans were part of the White Rose protest movement during World War II. On February 18, 1943, they were spotted distributing anti-government leaflets. They were arrested, tried and convicted, and beheaded in only four days. (The story is told in a harrowing 2005 film:  Sophie Scholl:  The Final Days, if anyone is interested.)

By contrast, here in America, Tea Party protests typically involve signs portraying Obama as Hitler. And yet, no one gets killed.

Perhaps, then, it’s time for an intervention. Time for Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter and all the Fox News crew to grow up! Let’s look at some of the “subtle” differences between tyranny and garden variety political ideas the right just doesn’t like. Tyranny would be Caligula plotting to make his horse a Roman consul. Not tyranny would be Ted Cruz, that horse’s ass. Whatever we liberals might think, he was duly elected. And he’s a real, live human being.

Tyranny: hanging witches at Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, or  the French breaking heretics on the wheel as late as the 1750s.

Not tyranny: President Obama opposing waterboarding and (slowly) clearing the cells at Guantanamo Bay.

Please, Rush, won’t you leave!

Tyranny: Under British rule the Irish were denied the right to vote or own land. (They were like Mitt Romney’s pesky 47%.) Marriages between Catholics and Protestants were not allowed. (Conservatives do love to restrict marriage rights!) During the potato famine millions faced the choice of starving or emigrating.

Obama can’t even get Limbaugh to leave the country. Rush promised five years ago, if Obama was elected again, he would.

Tyranny: Shortly after Hitler won election as German chancellor his agents set fire to the Reichstag. This would be the equivalent of Obama burning down Congress. (With Ted Cruz inside!) The Nazis said this was proof of an impending communist takeover. (Sound familiar to you dudes on the right?) Hitler then persuaded President Hindenburg to sign a decree suspending sections of the constitution which guaranteed individual and civil liberties. Four thousand Communist officials, Social Democrats and liberal leaders were arrested. Many victims were tortured and beaten.

Not tyranny: President Obama can’t convince the Senate to approve his executive appointments. Senator Cruz filibusters for fun. The House of Representatives refuses to pass a budget. Tea Party crazies shut down the entire U. S. government.

Does the right-wing ever realize Hitler hated gays and lesbians, too?

Tyranny: Nazi doctors carried out medical experiments on Jews and other prisoners. How long could individuals survive in freezing water? (Death usually resulted in sixty minutes.) Could bone transplants work from one patient to another? (No, they could not.)  Did castration cure gays? (No; but don’t give Michele Bachmann any more zany ideas.)

Not tyranny: the Affordable Health Care Act extended health care coverage to countless Americans with pre-existing medical conditions. Three million young people are allowed to remain on their parents’ health insurance until age 26.

Tyranny: In November 1938, widespread violence broke out across Germany after a Jewish student killed a German official in Paris. During Kristallnacht, or “Night of Glass,” mobs attacked Jewish homes, shops and synagogues. Thousands of businesses were looted. Hundreds of homes were destroyed. Dozens of Jews were murdered. This included a young boy thrown from a third-story window. Police arrested 26,000 Jews and threw them in jail.

Not tyranny: Imaginary Tyrant Obama favors separation of church and state. Your right to read the New Testament shall not be infringed. That does not mean the teacher in your child’s public school can read the same verses to Muslim, Jewish or non-believing kids. (Feel free, however, to wish all your friends a “Merry Christmas.”) Note to Glenn Beck:  If Mitt Romney had won he could not have read a chapter from the Book of Mormon to Lutheran or Baptist school kids.

Any resemblence between President Obama and communists is purely imaginary.

Tyranny: Fidel Castro takes power in 1959. He holds it for decades. All private businesses are seized.

Not tyranny: Obama bails out the U. S. auto industry. As of September 2013 Bill Gates is worth $72 billion. Harold Simmons pours tens of millions into the 2012 election cycle. Why? Simmons claims Obama is “the most dangerous man in America.” Obama plans to “eliminate free enterprise in this country.” Simmons dies December 30, 2013. He leaves behind an estate worth $10 billion. A day later the stock market ends 2013 on a high note. The market is up 10,000 points from a low shortly after Imaginary Tyrant Obama took office. (No one on the right, not even the geniuses at Fox Business, notices the irony.)

Tyranny: In 1989 Chinese protestors gather at Tiananmen Square. The government sends in tanks. Thousands are slaughtered. Chinese censors then purge the internet of terms like ‘democracy” and “Tiananmen Square.”

Not tyranny: The Tea Party folks hold dozens of protests and rallies starting in 2009. Sometimes this involves carrying semi-automatic weapons slung over their shoulders to show the Second Amendment is totally dead. Meanwhile, right-wingers post “Obama is a Tyrant” memes all over Facebook.

Tyranny: Kim Jong-un takes power on the death of his father, Kim Jong-il. This continues power in the family line, by way of Kim Jong-ugh and Kim Jong-Minnie Me. Virtually the entire population of North Korea faces starvation.

Not tyranny: Obama asks Congress to fund the food stamps program. GOP lawmakers refuse.

Tyranny:  Communist China continues one-party rule for six decades.

Not tyranny: GOP candidates post huge gains during the 2010 mid-term elections. They do this partly by scaring supporters into believing tyranny is moments away. GOP chances of winning in 2012 also look good. Then GOP candidates start opening their mouths and spewing lunatic ideas. (God says, “Rape is part of My plan,” etc.) Meanwhile, GOP forces at the state level gerrymander districts in Ohio and other states into improbable shapes. This makes more than 200 GOP-controlled seats in the U. S. House of Representatives totally safe.

Tyranny: In Syria, the Assad family unleashes chemical weapons on its citizens.

Not tyranny: Obama purportedly plots to overturn the Twenty-Second Amendment. He will run again in 2016, 2020, etc. Obama will be a tyrannical Energizer Bunny. Right-wingers simultaneously warn that Hilary Clinton plans to run for president in 2016. Chants of “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!” are heard. Logic is not the strong suit of the modern right-wing.

Tyranny: Vladimir Putin locks up pretty much everyone he doesn’t like. Russia passes legislation making it illegal for gays and lesbians to protest. (Doe anyone else see the similarities between the jailing of Pussy Riot and right-wing reaction to the Dixie Chicks?)

Not tyranny: Liberals believe inmates should have greater access to DNA testing in cases where this type of evidence might establish innocence. Liberals dislike capital punishment too. In addition, the ACLU is alive and well. The organization even defends the right of right-wing idiots to express nutty beliefs. Yes:  the ACLU is representing Westboro Baptist Church.

Relax right-wingers. The Bill of Rights is safe.

So, relax right-wingers. Five years after Imaginary Tyrant Obama took office the Bill of Rights still lives and breathes.

Sean Hannity, master of bombast, remains on the air. It isn’t tyranny if his lips move and he still spews. See also:  Fox News. Freedom of speech is not dead!

Sarah Palin can read any newspaper she likes. She can pick up any book. So long as there are plenty of pictures. Ann Coulter can pen idiotic books. Freedom of the press lives! 

Bill O’Reilly can attend mass any Sunday. Muslims can go to mosques (at least where right-wingers allow them to build them at all). Non-religious types can sleep in if they prefer. Imaginary Tyrant Obama is not coming to take the Christmas ornaments. The Christmas lights are safe. Freedom of religion survives.

Second Amendment:  Those aren’t imaginary guns right-wingers are buying. You can blame Imaginary Tyrant Obama for an imaginary plot to curtail your ammunition supplies. Or you can hide behind the couch and wait for imaginary U. N. troops in blue helmets to come take your guns. But you look really dumb.

Voting:  actually, the right of suffrage is under attack. Yep. The right has done all it can to keep college students, minorities, etc. away from the polls. Ohio, for example, passed a voter ID law to limit “massive voting fraud.” Total cases uncovered in 2012:  seventeen.

How about the right of privacy? The developing story surrounding NSA snooping should worry us all. That includes Americans, right and left and middle. In this case there has been bipartisan support for enhanced Congressional oversight. This is a positive beginning. Meanwhile, the New York Times has urged clemency for Edward Snowden. Damn those liberals with their concern for the rights of all!

Of course, it’s true. The government should not tap the phones of law-abiding citizens. State and federal agents should not invade our bedrooms either. Imaginary Tyrant Obama supports same-sex marriage. Right-wingers see this as added proof of tyranny somehow. Right-wingers also love the thought of drug-testing all individuals applying for welfare. What would they think if President Obama suggested drug-testing all Wall Street hedge fund managers, too?

All in all, the evidence is clear.  Obama is the worst tyrant ever. Not worst, as in “cruel.” Not worst, as in “evil.” Worst, as in: “biggest failure as a tyrant ever.”