Ohio Woman Gets Life In Prison For Manipulating 10-Year-Old Son To Murder

Ohio Woman Sentenced To Life For Abusing Stepson, Forcing Him To Murder His Dad

An Ohio woman has received life in prison for the murder of her husband after manipulating her ten-year-old stepson into killing his father. – Judith Hawkey’s mugshot

An Ohio woman has received life in prison after manipulating her ten-year-old stepson into killing his father.

Abused Step-Son The Forced Triggerman In Dad’s Murder.

Judith Hawkey, 46, was found guilty of the aggravated murder of her husband Robert Breininger ten years ago. But she did not pull the trigger. Instead, she used her stepson Corey, only ten years old at the time, as the weapon in her crime. Convincing him that his father had brain cancer, the young boy was threatened, told that she would cut off his genitals. The abuse culminated in him shooting his father in the head.

Later, when police were investigating the shooting, the ten-year-old boy was visibly shaken. He told police that his father had been showing him how to use the gun when it discharged, killing his father. The police accepted this version of events and no further investigation was done. Hawkey went to file the insurance claims within 24 hours. She eventually claimed around half a million dollars thanks to the murder.

Story Collapsed When Step-Son Moved Away From The Abuse.

It wasn’t until years later that Corey, now grown, confided in a former teacher of his of his role in his father’s murder. The matter was brought to police who investigated the new version of events, and the evidence lined up with what Corey told them.

Hawkey, however, says things went differently. The convicted murderer says that the couple had decided to send Corey to military school- a decision with which she claimed he was unhappy. Hawkey says he shot his father and made up the story about her involvement to get out of having to go.

Hawkey will serve life in prision without possibility of parole. The judge in the case had a few choice words for the defendant:

“What it might be closest to is a murder for hire, which is a particularly egregious form of murder, but it’s worse than murder for hire… If you hired a hit man — bad as that would be — this is worse. Twisting and manipulating a child to this end is evil beyond description. To be so cold-blooded, so calculating, and so manipulative to commit the ultimate crime by forcing a child to kill their parent defies description.”

Corey, now 20, will not face charges.