Capitalists Love What The Right Doesn’t Notice – Capitalists Love Communism!

Capitalists Love Communism Way More Than Liberals Do

President Obama shook Raul Castro’s hand. The right-wing went nuts. American businesses routinely grease communist hands. Capitalists love communism! – The joining of Adam Smith and Karl Marx!

Karl Marx Triumphant! Capitalists love communism!

The Walton siblings and Jaime Diamon might not admit it. But they so love their communism.

Listen to right-wing nuts and you hear a different tale. President Obama raised their ire last week when he shook hands with Raul Castro. Fox News (Motto: “If President Obama Did It, Said It, Dreamed About It, Or Didn’t Do It, It Must Be Bad”) jumped the story like a mugger snatching a purse. One Republican called the handshake “nauseating.” John McCain compared it to Neville Chamberlain shaking hands with Hitler. Right-wingers lapped the stupidity up.

Still, if Obama shook Castro’s hand, he didn’t grease it. Greasing communist hands is a staple of American business today.

Capitalists love communism!

Look at recent news. Capitalists love communism! Consider JPMorgan. This pillar of Wall Street is under investigation for hiring sons and daughters of Chinese communist leaders in hopes they will steer business JPMorgan’s way. Internal documents indicate that the company may have given high-paying positions to 30 individuals with close ties to communist officials. This includes the daughter of the deputy minister of propaganda.

Right-wingers often conflate liberalism and communism. What these poor deluded souls fail to notice is the symbiosis of American business and communist interests. China is a perfect model for American big business in 2013. Hate the minimum wage? Charles Koch does. Just set up a few factories in China where workers are paid the minimum or way, way less! According to the Economic Policy Institute the United States lost 2.8 million jobs to China from 2001 to 2010. Why do companies like Apple love doing business there? According to the Huffington Post the average American factory worker earns a little more than $23 per hour. A Chinese factory worker earns $1.36—and averages 12 hours of labor a day.

What else do capitalists love about China? Safety regulations are lax. And don’t all right-wingers know safety regulations strangle business growth! The “good news” is this. Compared to American workers, the Chinese are four times as likely to be killed on the job. In fact, 21 Chinese miners were killed this week. Even Fox News noted that Chinese mines are “the deadliest in the world and suffer frequent explosions, floods and cave-ins.”

Chinese leaders are a Marxist version of America’s Top 1%.

How much do capitalists love communism? Let us count the ways! Environmental regulations in China are weak. Companies foul the air and dump toxic wastes in rivers and no one lifts a finger to stop them. A reporter noted recently that “the smog can be thick enough to render [buildings in Beijing] invisible from only a few blocks away.” There are no real labor unions, either. Workers are mere pawns in the system. What happens if they protest? The government is happy to arrest them. Meanwhile, Chinese leaders are a Marxist version of America’s Top 1%. As noted in the New York Times, the family of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao now controls business assets worth $2.7 billion. That’s chump change to the Koch brothers. Still, not bad for leaders of an abusive regime!

Does any of this bother leading capitalists? No it does not. The American Chamber of Congress has an impressive office in Beijing. A trip to Lowes Home Improvement indicates that General Electric produces most of its light bulbs in China, too. The National Football League imports apparel from China. According to one estimate 80% of Walmart suppliers are based in that communist land. Another report describes Walmart as “the largest foreign-funded supermarket operator in China.” Walmart does deals with communist leaders every day. Need to open a store in Shanghai? Work with local communist officials. Want to expand your reach in Chinese e-commerce? Buy up a 51% share in Yihoadian, the leading company operating in that communist land.

Who loves communism? Capitalists do. Ford Motors will open two new factories in China soon. A story in the Wall Street Journal in 2012 carried this headline: “Ford Bets $5 Billion on Made in China.” No one at the WSJ seemed to see the irony in that. Citicorp, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs all do good business with communists. Like JPMorgan, they face scrutiny for handing out jobs to children of communist leaders. GlaxoSmithKline has been accused of greasing Chinese doctors’ palms to increase sales. How much grease did they supply? As much as $490 million. IBM has paid bribes. Pfizer has paid bribes. Avon Products has paid bribes. Even Hollywood studios may have paid bribes.

So, what’s the moral of this story? President Obama isn’t a closet communist. Liberals don’t love communism. Strangely enough, many capitalists now do. If a dollar (or yuan) is to be made by greasing a palm, polluting a river, or paying a worker next to nothing, then there are always capitalists willing to do it.