9999999 Westboro Baptist Can’t Be Stupid Enough To Picket Mandela’s Funeral, Can They? (VIDEO) | Addicting Info | The Knowledge You Crave Westboro Baptist Can’t Be Stupid Enough To Picket Mandela’s Funeral, Can They? (VIDEO)

Westboro Baptist Can’t Be Stupid Enough To Picket Mandela’s Funeral, Can They? (VIDEO)

Westboro Baptist Church says they'll protest Nelson Mandela's funeral

Westboro Baptist Church says they’re flying to South Africa to picket Mandela’s funeral. Did you know South Africa has the highest murder rate in the world?

In what has become par for the course with Westboro Baptist Church, they have jumped on the most emotionally tugging current event in an effort to get media attention. Sure, a few days ago it was their claim that they’d picket actor and philanthropist Paul Walker’s funeral, but they’ve sunk to a new low with their latest Tweet claiming that they’d soon be in South Africa.

“THANK GOD for Nelson Mandela being dropped into hell! Westboro Baptist Church booking flight to South Africa (not banned) to picket funeral!”

That’s right, the insane attention seekers are claiming that they’ll be picketing the funeral of beloved former South African president Nelson Mandela. In reality, no one should give these ignorant heathens the benefit of written article, but in this case, a definite exception can be made. This is because, if the “church” does venture on this trip, there’s a good shot that we may soon witness the death of Westboro Baptist Church.

Westboro Baptist Church could meet an ill fate in South Africa, if they picket Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

I’m not saying that I want the members of Westboro Baptist Church to meet an ill fate in South Africa, I’m just saying it could happen. The simple fact is that the hate group is saying that they’ll venture into a country whose murder rate is the 15th highest in the entire world. And that once there, they intend to celebrate — away from the protection of American police — the death of the most beloved man in that country.

Of course, we will keep in mind that Nelson Mandela advocated peace, and it’s likely that he wouldn’t suggest violence against the one group who, if any group ever did, actually deserves it. Even if these idiots from Westboro Baptist Church don’t get pelted to death with stones, there’s no guarantee that they won’t be arrested. Just like in America, there are limits on a person’s free speech in South Africa.

In fact, Section 16 of the country’s Bill of Rights specifically states that freedom of expression doesn’t extend to “incitement of imminent violence” or “advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion, and that constitutes incitement to cause harm.” Well, turns out their hatred is based on their “religion.” Some may also think it’s about race, even though Westboro Baptist Church claims it’s not.  and if they do this in South Africa, there’s a good chance they’ll incite some awesome imminent violence.

I know! I know! You’re giddy with excitement at the prospect of this ignorant group coming to an end. Don’t get too excited, though. South Africa may take measures to prevent this idiocy, in the same way Canada and the UK did, by banning the group. A more likely outcome, however, is that the group just shuts up, doesn’t show, and pretends as if the whole thing never happened.

Westboro Baptist Church may not show up at Nelson Mandela’s Funeral.

Westboro has made a career out of threatening to show up at high-profile funerals and events and then never giving counter-protesters the benefit of giving them the finger or blocking their view of the event. It’s been reported that Westboro was a no-show at funerals and memorials ranging from those for the Aurora theater shooting to the Sandy Hook massacre. In some of these instances, the church claimed on Twitter that they were there, but lo and behold, counter-protesters never saw them.

So in reality, it’s likely that the group won’t make it to the ONE funeral where they may get their just desserts. If they do, however, they should know that they’ve got their supporters here in America via Ted Cruz and Tea Party followers. That’s right; I went there. Look it up.

Here’s a video from Westboro Baptist Church thanking God for “killing Nelson Mandela.”