Tea Party Group Raises Millions To Unseat GOP, Then Exposed As Scam

Tea Party Leadership fund revealed to be a scam - Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

The Tea Party Leadership Fund focusing on fundraising – turns out group is just exploiting the gullible to pad its own pockets. – Pat Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune

The Tea Party assault on the Republican Party is in full swing… or is it? Earlier this month, the Tea Party Leadership Fund ran an ad attacking the GOP, calling them ‘traitors.’ Following this, they put up this webpage, which is pictured below.

Tea Party Leadership Fund ad -- Primaries for Traitors Fund

Anti-GOP “Primaries for Traitors Fund” ad by the Tea Party Leadership Fund.

But, in study of the group and its activities, one finds that while they have raised millions, they spent only $52,000 on candidates in the last election cycle, and only $154,172 in total for political activity. Yet, almost all of the money they have raised, has been spent.

Where has the Tea Party Leadership Fund spent all of its money?

Going over the groups federal filings, the group spends most of its money on other organizations, such as DB Capitol Strategies, PLLC, run by Dan Backer. Dan Backer, it turns out, is the Treasurer of the Tea Party Leadership Fund. Over, and over again, the fund is issuing payments to organizations run by the members who run it. In other words, the whole fund is a money making scam put together by con artists exploiting the dim witted.

People are being scammed by those seeking to exploit their rage. The money donated goes into the pockets of those who merely see them as tools, something to be exploited. The people behind the Tea Party Leadership Fund are using what Think Progress has called a “gimmick” to pad their own fortunes. It would almost be ironic if it were not so tragic.

A get-rich scam targeting the impotent rage created by right-wing media.

The money being raised by the Tea Party Leadership Fund will likely never create any impact in the 2014 mid-term races. They will spend a token amount to claim that they have supported some candidates, but the lions share (over 90% based on past expenditures) will go into the pockets of those running the organization.

The organization tapped into the right-wing hysteria generated by organizations such as Fox News. Their message is carefully crafted to ensure maximum impact on the easily misled. They tap into misinformation and deceit, and use that to divorce the gullible from their money.