How To Tell If Your Halloween Costume Is Totally Racist (INFOGRAPHIC)

It seems like every year, there a story or two or three, where some idiot dresses up like a Nazi or wears blackface and then SWEARS that they’re not being racist. These are stupid people and we here at Addicting Info are all about educating even the dimmest of bulbs. With that in mind, we present to you this nifty guide from on how to avoid the glaringly obvious pitfalls of being a racist douchebag on Halloween.

How To Tell If Your Costume Is Totally Racist:

How To Tell If Your Halloween Costume Is Racist In One Simple Chart (INFOGRAPHIC)

As you can see, it’s SUPER easy to not wear a racist costume. All it takes is a little forethought. Also, it helps not to be a racist douchebag.

Just in case you’re confused, here’s a few other racist costumes to avoid:

A “ghost” with a pointy head.

Ghost with pointy head

A slave. Unless you’re dressing as Princess Leia.



A Muslim terrorist.


How about we dress him up as a Christian fundamentalist with a “Timothy McVeigh” name tag? What? That’s insulting to Christians? Just figured that out, did you?

We here at Addicting Info hope you are now more fully prepared to go out on Halloween and not piss off every person you walk past.  If, however, you decide to ignore our good advice, please have someone follow you around with a video camera. We want to watch you get your ass kicked. Trick or Treat!!!