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Government Shutdown Poll Shows Majority Of Americans Would Blame Republicans

Republican Budget by Bob Englehart, via www.cagle.com.

Republican Budget by Bob Englehart, via www.cagle.com.

Well, the Republican Party is right. Americans are totally going to blame President Obama for a government shutdown according to a new poll. Oh wait, I’m sorry. I must have read some other poll that conservatives made up. Because this actual CNN/ORC poll says the complete and utter opposite.

The survey reveals the true feelings of the American people that the Republican Party has been denying all this time. Just like Americans blamed the GOP for the government shutdown of 1995 and saw Republicans as childish, the CNN survey shows that Americans are prepared to blame Republicans once again if the government shuts down on Tuesday.

The poll found that 46% of Americans would blame Republicans for a shutdown while only 36% would blame President Obama. Furthermore, 49% say Obama is the adult in the room while a whopping 69% say Republicans are acting like little children throwing a tempter tantrum. The last time Republicans were perceived to be acting like fit throwing infants was in 1995 when the House GOP went through with their threat to shut the government down. Republicans during that instance also objected to health care spending that was included in the budget. So it seems to be a longtime trend that the Republican Party does not want Americans to have health care or health insurance, and they are willing to burn the government and the country down to get their way.

When Republicans don’t get their way, they threaten a government shutdown

Even though the Democrats and Republicans in the Senate voted 79-19 to break a filibuster of the budget bill and then voted 54-44 to pass it, House Republicans are throwing a temper tantrum once again because Affordable Care Act funding remains in the measure and are threatening to shut the government down if their demands are not met. House Republicans want Obamacare delayed for a year and the repeal of a medical device tax that helps pay for the program. The GOP has been obsessed with weakening or killing the program since it became the law of the land four years ago. In that time, House Republicans have voted to repeal the law nearly 40 times. Now, in what certainly has to be a move out of sheer desperation to destroy a landmark accomplishment of America’s first African-American President, Republicans have decided to hold America hostage until they get their own way. And if they don’t, the government and the credit rating of the United States will be harmed.

The last time Republicans brought the country to the brink during a debt ceiling negotiation, the S&P downgraded the AAA credit rating of the US Government for the first time and cited Republican actions as the cause. A government shutdown would negatively impact food stamp recipients- most of whom live in red states, national parks and museums will close, and Social Security, Medicare, and veterans benefits will continue but could be delayed. In addition, a shutdown would impact the economy as well. According to the Washington Post,

“On Oct. 17, the Treasury is scheduled to ask investors for $120 billion in loans. But if investors grow nervous about whether the United States will be able to pay them back, they are likely to demand higher interest rates, which would cause rates to spike throughout the financial system, leading to more expensive mortgages, auto loans and credit card bills. Doubt could grow about the safety of parking money in U.S. bonds, the linchpin of the global financial system.”

Holding America hostage and putting the entire economy at risk

Republicans are putting the entire economy at risk by not passing the budget bill that has already been passed by the Senate. Since taking control of the House in January 2011, Republicans have constantly held America hostage by way of the budget and the debt ceiling in an effort to secure certain policy demands. Each time, Americans have blamed the GOP for the damage done as a result and in 2012, Republicans paid dearly for it. They lost a Presidential Election by five million votes and lost seats in the House and Senate. But Republicans still don’t care. Every time they decide to enter into this kind of irresponsible brinkmanship, they think the American people will side with them. They believe the result will be different. They are delusional and if they go through with their threat, the party should be finished as a major player in American politics. The strain of insane anti-government extremism that has run rampant in the GOP is once again threatening the future of this country and the American people. Republicans are obsessed with burning the house down if they don’t get what they want, and just like in 1995, Americans are blaming them for it. The question is, will Americans punish them once and for all for their madness in 2014?