Giving iPad To Minority Children To Teach Technology A ‘Waste Of Money’ Says Conservative Radio Host

Photo of school children with an iPad from

Racist conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly has some harsh words for a Los Angeles program that gives iPads to disadvantaged Latino students. Photo from

Phyllis Schlafly likes to think of herself as promoting the “pro-family movement,” but apparently that’s only certain families. In a post on the conservative Eagle Forum Blog, Schlafly had words for the Los Angeles Unified School District regarding their program to put an iPad in the hands of their students. The program is an attempt to help the kids keep up with technology to which they otherwise might not have access.

But the program, which is estimated to put an iPad into the hands of each of over 600,000 students, has been halted after only distributing 15,000 because the iPads are being hacked by the students. Is this why Schlafly is outraged at the program? No. Is it because the program will cost taxpayers $30 million (though according to Schlafly it will cost “hundreds of millions of dollars”)? Not really. Schlafly is upset because those iPads will find their way into the hands of kids who don’t deserve them. In other words, “illegal aliens” and their children.

The Los Angeles school district’s full of “illegal aliens” who don’t deserve iPads

According to Schlafly, the Los Angeles school district is made up of a bunch of dumb kids (“has some of California’s lowest test scores”) who aren’t going to finish high school anyways (“almost 1/3 of its students do not finish high school”), so why bother with such a large expense? Further, Schlafly says,

“To add insult to injury, many of the students who will be receiving a taxpayer-funded iPad aren’t even supposed to be in the United States. Los Angeles has one of the highest illegal alien populations in the U.S. Almost 400,000 illegal aliens live in this district. Almost a third of its students are classified as ‘English learners.'”

Schlafly is outraged that our taxpayer dollars go to educating “illegal” children. She is incensed by the fact that they are “English learners.” It doesn’t matter that many of these students are born on American soil and therefore more eligible to one day become president than right-wing laughingstock Sen. Rafael “Ted” Cruz. The fact that their parents did something (crossing the border without proper documentation) that they as children had no control over should, in Schlafly’s eyes, mean that they should be eternally grateful “real” Americans let them go to school at all.

Phyllis Schlafly’s once again showing her deeply racist views towards Latinos and other minorities

Really what it comes down to is Schlafly once again showing her deeply racist views towards minorities, Latinos in particular. Because we Latinos don’t tend to have a taste for the taste of Republican baloney, Schlafly feels that life should be made as miserable as possible for us so that we might leave. As a first-generation American, born to an immigrant mother, I would like to formally inform Schlafly that, guess what? I was born here. This is my country, too. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you and your fellow conservatives try to make life for us here, no matter how many things you try to deprive us of, as children and as adults, we aren’t leaving. We have the right to be here, the place of our birth.

But please, by all means Phyllis, keep pushing us further and further into the arms of your opponents. Your defeat will be sweet victory to us.