Creationist Calls Bill Nye’s Comments About The Moon ‘A Load Of Nonsense’

The Australian pastor and Creationist Museum founder Ken Ham thinks he knows more about science than Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

The Australian pastor and Creationist Museum founder Ken Ham thinks he knows more about science than Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

Australian Pastor Ken Ham thinks he knows more about science than Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Seems Ham caught Bill Nye’s appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO show last week and took exception to remarks made about the moon reflecting the sun’s light, making the Biblical claim that it is a “great light” in and of itself invalid. Ham bases his belief on Genesis 1:16:

God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.

For Biblical literalists like Ham, that’s all one needs to know. But to actual scientists – heck, to those of us who understand even a little cosmology – the moon is only reflecting the light of the sun. Nye related an anecdote about a lecture he gave in which he pointed this out and outraged Christians stormed out of the hall. Watch the clip:


Ham, who heads the organization Answers in Genesis (we have written about them before), took to his Facebook page to complain about how mean old Nye dissed his Bible:

“What a load of nonsense. These two mock the Bible and totally distort the Bible’s account of the creation of the sun and the moon. Bill Nye still doesn’t understand the difference between historical science and observational science–so he may be known as ‘Bill Nye the science guy’–but he doesn’t understand science correctly.”

Let’s see… Bill Nye has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. He worked at Boeing in that capacity. He has won 18  Emmy awards for his TV shows and has authored five children’s books about science. Nye is the Vice-President of The Planetary Society, the world’s largest nonprofit dedicated to the exploration of space. He is well-respected by the scientific community, his peers and colleagues and, most importantly, parents.

Ken Ham, on the other hand has a bachelor’s degree in applied science from a technology institute in Australia and a diploma of education from the University of Queensland. He worked as a science teacher in Australia before becoming a Biblical apologist. He has some other letters behind his name but all of them come from Christian colleges. Oh, and he opened a creation “science” museum. I know which man I trust more to be well-informed about actual science.

Exclusive to Addicting Info, this author received the following statement from one of Nye’s colleagues:

I’ve known Bill Nye for close to 15 years now, I’ve worked with and around him, and he’s just as smart as you think he is. It’s not an act. Doesn’t know what he’s talking about? I was around Bill enough to know that, like any real scientist, he reads the material. When doing the Science Guy show he would often be surrounded by reference material, and he was very firm about getting the information exactly correct. I am continually amazed at his current knowledge of science: he reads science journals voraciously and prides himself on being up to date on the latest in his specialty (physics), but he was also very competent as a chemist. His real curiosity lies with space, though, and it shows in his continued honoring of his professor, mentor, and friend Carl Sagan. Bill is in fact a real scientist.

I came to know Bill professionally during the run of the Science Guy show. I’m an engineer for KCTS, the Public Television Station the produced the show. I found him intensely focused on the quality and veracity of the information he presented, and he is a consummate television professional. Bill is a man who is focused on bettering his fellows through knowledge. To that end he has cultivated acquaintances and friendships with many prominent scientists, and this allows him access to information on the leading edge of science. I am an amateur scientist myself, and pride myself in knowing a good deal about all the sciences, especially cosmology. I’ve never asked Bill a question he couldn’t answer.

When it comes to who I trust more to tell me about science, I’m afraid Bill Nye comes out the winner in this competition. Now, Ken Ham is certainly allowed to believe whatever he wants to about science but to claim that he knows more because he is a Biblical literalist is beyond laughable. He needs to stick to his museum. Maybe go for a dinosaur ride. But when it comes to science, he just needs to shut up and let the adults discuss the topic.