Fracking Explained: The One Video Every American Needs To See (VIDEO)


When it comes to the future of energy, the debate is dirty vs. clean — at least, on the surface. Underneath, it’s about sustainability vs. profitability. After all, if you have solar panels on your roof that are giving you half your electricity for the month, and you’re plugging your car in at night, you aren’t worth very much to the coal and gas utility companies, are you? To put it simply, the more carbon your energy usage puts into the atmosphere, the more profitable you are for big oil and coal.

And we’ve consumed quite a bit of fossil fuels at this point — so much, in fact, that we’re using creative ways to get the last dregs out of the ground. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is one method used to do it. Lately, fracking has been quite the hot topic, mostly because of minor concerns like poisoned drinking water and increased incidences of cancer tied to the chemicals used during the process.

The following video gives a lovely, unbiased and factual account of what exactly the process is and what the risks it poses are. Here’s the video:


Article originally posted on Young Progressive Voices.