Homophobic Columnist Thinks Lesbians Will Enslave Men If All 50 States Legalize Marriage Equality


We’ve seen some pretty out there stuff with regards to the marriage equality debate. I’d be willing to bet that this one takes the cake, though.

The Council for Marriage Policy (CMP) is a right-wing anti-LGBT Christian group with a heavy focus on stopping marriage equality. On Friday, they sent a desperate warning out regarding what would happen in this nation if marriage equality becomes legal in all states in the union. The warning came in the form of a 37 paragraph column, entitled Our Last Chance to Save Traditional Marriagewritten by CMP President David Usher. It warned that lesbians would trick men, both gay and straight, into fathering children, then make these men into their economic slaves.

In an even more baseless prediction, Usher said that the Supreme Court would create different classes of marriage. He devoted an entire section to this crackpot theory in what he calls “Class 1: Mother- Mother Marriages.” In it, he says:

[w]hen two women marry, it is a three-way contract among two women and the government. Most women will bear children by men outside the marriage – often by pretending they are using birth control when they are not.Entrapped men become economically-conscripted third parties to these marriages, but get nothing in return.

Now, at this point, you should notice not only homophobia, but misogyny. This man not only hates gays, but he hates AND fears women. It is obvious here, or he wouldn’t have come up with such a ridiculously misogynist theory as to what women will do to men if same-sex marriage becomes legal nationwide.

Just as we begin to think that this world of Mr. Usher’s cannot get any more ridiculous and absurd, it does. In Usher’s version of the world with legal same-sex marriage, women are freeloading baby machines who entrap the fathers of their children into sticking around so that the women can:

combine incomes, double-up on tax-free child support and welfare benefits, decrease costs, and double the human resources available to raise children and run their household.

As if this weren’t enough, guess who will have it the worst in Usher’s same sex marriage nightmare: gay men. Yep, you heard me right. In this crazy world, gay men will:

…become un-consenting ‘fathers’ by reproductive entrapment. Men in male-male marriages who become fathers by deceptive means will be forced to pay child support to women in bi-maternal marriages, and become economically enslaved to Class-1 marriages. The taxpayers will be guarantors of child support collections for low-income fathers who cannot afford to pay (as occurs in the existing welfare state).

Of course, in Usher’s fearful, misogynist nightmare of a fantasy world that will never exist, lesbians will rule all. Gay male marriages will be a Class 3 “underclass.” Usher warns of what will happen more and more fervently as the piece goes on. He says:

Men will be forced to labor for the economic benefit of marriages between women – marriages men have been ‘redlined’ out of – by the choice of two women who married with intention to have children by men outside the marriage. This approaches the definition of slavery – and perhaps sexual trafficking or bondage.

Once again, misogyny. This is less about homophobia and more about misogyny, and a personal and frightful fear and hatred of women on Mr. Usher’s part. The more one reads, the more that becomes incredibly clear. In a last desperate attempt to make people see things his way, Usher says defends heterosexual marriage as the foundation of the country, as so many homophobes before him have done. He says:

[t]o dismantle marriage – the most important equal rights institution framed by the Founding Fathers – is to dismantle the Constitution, freedom, and the United States of America.

I’ll remember that when I am signing my marriage certificate, sir. In the meantime, I really hope you get the best psychiatric help those right-wing dollars can buy. Goodness knows you need it.