Hold On To Your Tin-Foil Hat – The CIA Finally Admits Area 51 Is REAL (VIDEO)

Image @ Jurko

Still, the theory that suspected UFOs at Area 51 were just secretive U2 planes rankles many. If one looks at images of the U2, they look like… planes. Image @ Jurko

Score one for the tin-foilers. Turns out they got it right. Or, at least, they got part of it right. AREA 51 EXISTS! Mysterious oval-shaped objects and googly-eyed aliens ripping open the guts of unsuspecting kidnap victims? Naw… not that so much. But one out of three ain’t bad!

The recent release of the National Security Archives’ The Secret History of the U2 (also known as the “less redacted CIA history released under the Freedom of Information Act”) and the Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance papers (also released by the powers of the FOIA), have created quite the hoopla, mostly because they definitely confirm a fact the CIA has been unwilling to confirm up till now: that Area 51 does, indeed, exist and these documents, with their fewer redactions and almost mind-numbing detail, illuminate to a greater extent what was going on there: secret testing of spy planes and the exploration of general intelligence activities. That might be very Man From U.N.C.L.E. exciting on its own, but the real buzz of Area 51 was its identity as a presumed engagement site and storage area of alien spaceships and other remnants of extraterrestrial interaction and that doesn’t seem to have been addressed.

That glaring and obvious omission in the document release was the take-away for tin-foilers and other more imaginative folk. While others might see the omission as rock solid debunking of the alien/UFO theory, for most of the contingent it simply means the CIA is still not willing to acknowledge what others have been speaking about for years, including some who say they’ve had first-hand experience. Travis Walton claimed he was abducted by aliens back in 1975 in an area of northern Arizona. He wrote a book about it called Fire In the Sky, which was later made into a movie, and when recently interviewed about the deafening silence of the CIA papers on the issue of UFOs or aliens, he had this response:

“That they’re gonna one day say ‘okay, well, we were lying to all that time but now here’s the truth.’ That ain’t gonna happen.”

Here’s the video:

What the CIA is willing to give up is greater detail on the entire operation. There had been an earlier release of documents in 2005 (again, in response to a FOIA request) that was essentially the same material but with far greater portions redacted. What is most notable in the “Secret History… ” release is the newly declassified material related to the U2 plane: references to Area 51, the pilots’ names, codenames and cryptonyms, covert CIA operations, etc. Geeks the world over will revel in the minutia, no doubt, as will buffs who appreciate details like:

“Numerous references to Area 51 and Groom Lake, with a map of the area.”

“Operation FISH HAWK (pp. 249-251), the employment of a U-2, launched off an aircraft carrier in May 1964, to photograph the French nuclear test site in the Pacific. ”


“More than three pages (pp. 153-157, previously deleted in their entirety) on British participation in the U-2 program. The authors note that President Dwight Eisenhower viewed British participation “as a way to confuse the Soviets as to sponsorship of particular overflights” as well to spread the risk of failure.”

It’s quite the trove, with fascinating photos and maps, like the one below, which is, amazingly, the first official CIA acknowledgement of Area 51 :

Area 51 map   @ NSA archive

Area 51 map @ NSA archive

Of course, this document release wasn’t the first time the CIA made at least some acknowledgement of their secretive goings-on in the deserts of Arizona. The short clip below was released in 2005 and it’s quaint description of clandestine CIA activities comes off as something the inhabitants of Lost might have watched in down in the Hatch!

Here’s the video:

The recently released documents’ only mention of UFOs (at least in quoted materials… the documents are long enough that I’ll leave it to you to plow through them in their entirety!), is in reference to what people thought the mysterious U2 planes were. From The Raw Story:

The report states that “high-altitude testing of the U-2 soon led to an unexpected side effect — a tremendous increase in reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs).” According to the documents, “U-2 and later OXCART flights accounted for more than one-half of all UFO reports during the late 1950s and most of the 1960s.” The Air Force responded to reports by linking to them to weather-related phenomena, but the distinctively man-made shape of the planes made residents suspicious.

So too did the secretive behavior of many associated with the facility: “As the deliveries of U-2 airframes to the testing site increased, a major logistic problem arose: how to transfer Lockheed employees from Burbank to Area 51 without arousing a great deal of curiosity.”

Area 51 staff eventually settled on flying essential personnel to and from the facility early Monday morning and late Friday evening, despite fears that the latter would make them especially conspicuous to locals.

Being that science fiction buffs, conspiracy theorists and those with more fertile imaginations LOVE the idea of UFOs and aliens finding their way here to earth, it’s no surprise the secretive activities of Area 51 would have sprouted some significant theories. It’s also clear these new documents will not quell those theories. After all, much of the information is still redacted.

And it seems odd, as some say, that spokespeople are pushing the theory that suspected UFOs were just the U2 plane. If one looks at an image of the plane, it looks like… a plane:

U2 in flight. Image @ NSA Archives

U2 in flight. Image @ NSA Archives

The UFOs some claim to have seen? Nothing like a plane. And the U2 looks nothing like the oval or round images people are said to have witnessed at Area 51:

UFO in flight. Image @ BobLazar

UFO in flight. Image @ BobLazar

As to the other plane mentioned, code-named OXCART, it looked less like a traditional airplane of the time, but still did not look like a flying saucer:

CIA released photograph of the A-12 at Area 51

But we’ll leave it there; leave it to you to decide. If you’re so inspired, plow through the paperwork linked above and see if you can cull out anything noteworthy that hasn’t been mentioned. Or just put your tin-foil hat back on and stick to your story. Looks like the debate ain’t going anywhere too soon!