Anthony Weiner Threatens Senior At AARP Event


Anthony Weiner, not content to offend just people who find sexting creepy and prefer not to be blatantly lied to, took his show to a New York AARP event. There, the former congressman decided to threaten a fellow New York politician who happened to be a senior citizen and then put a cherry on top of it all by calling him “grandpa.”

And remember, this all happened at a senior center, in front of a bunch of senior citizens. The candidate, George McDonald, a New York Republican, responded to Weiner’s threats by calling him a “punk.”

And at this point, about 90% of likely New York Democratic primary voters agree with McDonald. The Republican candidate also claimed that off camera Weiner physically assaulted him showing onlookers how Weiner struck him in the chest.

You can see video of the AARP “grandpa” debacle and McDonald’s re enactment of Weiner’s agressiveness here:

Poor Anthony Weiner.

The former congressman and current NY mayoral candidate continues to slide down polls, some of the latest having him in a distant 4th place now at numbers heading towards single digits. And to think, his whole downward spiral, Anthony, unlike some other politicians who have fared much better, never actually cheated on anyone. He also never broke any laws, like prostitution laws, as some others did. He also didn’t do anything “gay” or even anything that many New Yorkers and Americans, especially those under 40, haven’t probably done themselves in one form or another. Maybe not with a stranger or outside their relationships, but studies show that even within “normal” couples; this type of flirtatious and to some titillating behavior (sexting) is certainly becoming more and more popular.

But unlike all those normal couples, Anthony wasn’t doing it in the context of a monogamous relationship. So he was labeled creepy, resigned and did the whole “therapy” thing that all public and famous people do when caught doing something embarrassing. And when at least some of the people of New York (maybe enough to win the nomination or even election) were willing to give him a pass for being a good boy and doing his “therapy,” he really screwed up.

He lied, plain and simple. He lied to his wife and he lied to the people. And any spinning about “continuing to work on it” meant he was still allowed to sext random women he met on the internet while telling everyone he was over all of it, is nonsense. This is like an alcoholic who went into AA a couple of years ago, but relapses every few months declaring his clean and sober ways after each relapse. Enough is enough, at least when we are talking about public office. If Anthony cares so deeply about the people of New York, I am confident he can find other work serving those very same people without the title of mayor or any elected office.

Anthony Weiner needs to drop out of this circus of a race and go away, but he doesn’t. Apparently his arrogance and ambition overrules his common sense and any sense of decency. And his partner in life, and all of this, Huma, at this point has to be at least partially culpable. She may have been a strong, stand-by-your-man kind of woman when Anthony first revealed his sexting activities and resigned from Congress. But when Huma stepped up to the microphone after the latest round of more recent sextings, and she gave Anthony another pass and told us all he should still be mayor (and her 1st Lady of New York), after he brazenly lied some more to her and the people of New York, she became as much of the problem as he is.

But back to the point, Weiner’s campaign continues to see embarrassment after embarrassment. And the debacle certianly needs to end. Even beyond the polls, the writing is on the (Google) wall:


At this point, Anthony Weiner owes it to the people of New York to let them decide between the 3 other candidates, Christine Quinn, who currently leads the race along with the other legitimate candidates, Bill Thompson and Bill DeBlasio. Three people who actually have a shot at becoming the next mayor of New York.

And Anthony Weiner needs to polish up his resume, and go find a job where he doesn’t need to be elected to be hired.