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Christian Radio Host Sides With Russia, Praises Their Treatment Of Homosexuals (AUDIO)

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Bryan Fischer believes Russia is awesome and America should follow their lead on the gay issue. When conservatives want to copy oppressive nations, they’ve lost their minds. Image @ AsISeeIt

Remember how conservatives have consistently referred to Russia as America’s “number one enemy”? Well, apparently that was all just a show. Because, in reality, it turns out conservatives are envious of the oppressive policies that Russia has been enacting.

Conservative Christian radio host and anti-gay American Family Association spokesman, Bryan Fischer, praised Russia’s anti-gay policies during a Voice of Russia Radio interview on Friday. According to Raw Story, Fischer congratulated Russia for being violent and intimidating toward homosexuals and for arresting them just for being openly gay.

“Russia is not being homophobic, it’s homo-realistic. The Russian government is trying to take the issue into consideration and establish public policy to contribute to public health, as this lifestyle is not being promoted, endorsed or granted special legal protection. Homosexual behavior is just as risky as drug abuse. I think the Russian government is right to be concerned with propaganda on teenagers who are at the age of struggling through sexual identity issue and we should help to channel these urges in productive behavior. Heterosexuality is God’s design. Policies that encourage young people to think this are good ideas. Homosexual behavior damages the body and soul. We love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth.”

Here’s the audio:

The fact is, homosexuals are not a threat to marriage or society. They are human beings like everyone else who want the same rights that heterosexuals enjoy. Conservatives have been hostile toward the LGBT community for years and their ultimate goal is to pass a national ban on same-sex marriage and make it legal to treat homosexuals as sub-human. This is exactly what Russia is doing and their policies are even threatening to taint the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Russian officials are threatening to arrest any gay person exhibiting “propagandist behavior” during the games, whether they are a participating athlete from another nation or a fan. This extreme stance should compel the International Olympic Committee to move the games to a different country, preferably one that isn’t hostile toward people for their orientation.

It’s clear that Bryan Fischer now believes that Russia is awesome and that America needs to follow their lead. When conservatives want to copy an oppressive nation, you know they’ve lost their minds, especially when that nation is Russia. For years, conservatives have called Russia the greatest threat to America. Now they want to bring Russian laws to our own country. Such laws are contrary to the American ideals of equality, freedom, and privacy – all of which are protected by the Constitution. Fischer’s new love for Russian law proves that conservatives truly hate America and human rights. If they had their way, America would be just like Russia and our President would be someone like Putin. And this alone should be enough to scare Americans into voting against Republicans en masse in 2014. We either stand for equality, freedom, and our Constitutional law… or we stand for tyranny and Christian right religious doctrine. We cannot have both.