Desperate: McConnell Forced To Keep Campaign Manager Even After He Claims He’s ‘Holding His Nose’

Oh, Mitch. It’s gotta be so sad to be in the golden years of your political life and have young pups putting you in your place on the downhill slide! But that’s just what’s happening these days, as the once-vaunted Republican veteran hangs on for what’s left of his career in an attempt to NOT be embarrassed right out of office. That damn Jesse Benton isn’t helping.

If you haven’t heard the story, here’s the nutshell: Jesse Benton is McConnell’s campaign manager. The is in that sentence is somewhat surprising because recently it was revealed that Mr. Benton was secretly recorded (which probably means a drunk colleague had his iPhone going during post-campaign chat at the local bar) saying that he took the job, despite its significant lack of political ‘sexiness,’ but that he’d be “sort of holding [his] nose for two years.”

How desperate do you have to be to pretend an insult from your own campaign manager is funny? Pretty desperate.  Image @ MitchMcConnell’sFacebook Page

How desperate do you have to be to pretend an insult from your own campaign manager is funny? Pretty desperate. Welcome to the McConnell campaign. Image @ McConnell’s Facebook Page

OH, SNAP!! That’s gotta get a guy fired, right?

Not so much. Not if you’re Mitch McConnell, currently treading water and taking a few too many gulps in the effort. It was reported that McConnell’s showing at the recent “Fancy Farm Forum” in Kentucky, a sort of primary debate event, did not go so well; his Democratic challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes, is said to have mopped the floor with him. Never good for an old guy to get doused by a young up-and-comer… and a girl at that, dammit! (said sarcastically, not sexistly… and I know that’s not a word).

But it’s not only the damn female Democrat; McConnell has taken a serious blow from the right as well. Seems the Tea Party is bored with his old-style shenanigans and wants some fresh, conservative blood in there. Enter Matt Bevins, who is nothing if not younger and more Tea-Partyish.

Which is all the more galling, going back to Jesse Benton. To put it bluntly, he was hired to make things nice between McConnell and the Tea Party. From Salon:

Which brings us to Mitch McConnell and his campaign manager Jesse Benton — a Ron Paul acolyte whom McConnell recruited ahead of his reelection campaign to shore up his weakened credibility with the right.

How’s that going, fellas?

So you’d definitely think, between that failure and the ‘holding his nose’ gaffe, Benton would be bounced. But it’s said the McConnell campaign is SO desperate, particularly as they lose ground on all sides of the re-election battle, that they can’t afford the shake-up, even pretending they didn’t mind Benton’s comment by posting the really cringe-worthy photo at the top (“See, we’re still friends and we even think that comment was HILARIOUS!!”

Which says all you need to know about the McConnell campaign. If you can’t even fire a disrespectful campaign manager for fear of further alienating your base, and you have to pretend a true insult isn’t one, and you have to go on with a campaign that looks to be the fiery plummet to the end of storied career in the Republican party, you’re in trouble.

But then again, if the one person you’d look to to give you advice on what to do is busy holding his nose, well… Keep treading water, Mitch. Hard. Odds are there won’t be too many people keeping you afloat the next time you go down.